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    Paul Steinberg
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    Lotus Turbo Esprit 1980 - the 3rd produced & the 1st WHITE turbo esprit, VIN: SCCFC20A8AHD10939
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    HCi Engine
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    Melbourne Australia

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  1. psteinb


  2. Hi Jack

    Thanks for your message - very interesting!

    My car's first owner was in Wokingham ("Robinson").

    Can't seem to send you an email via your profile page...

    Paul Steinberg

    Melbourne Australia

    email: [email protected]

    skype: paul steinberg

    ph: +61-413-055718

  3. Hi Paul

    I'm a fellow early Esprit Turbo owner (1981 Dry Sumper).

    I'm intrigued by all the chat about the non-Essex 1980 cars like yours. I used to go up to my local dealer as a kid and phot the Turbos and I have several pics of 1980 non-Essexes, including a white one reg - JAN 445W. Was that your car in an earlier life or did yours come to Oz from day one?


  4. you mean you'll be there in "Espirit" here are the 2 samples: OR
  5. Hi again Rob, I was wondering if the Lotus badge on the front of your car is black/white or green/yellow. regards Paul
  6. i still can't send a private message to you - you should fix that... i'm considering moving to israel, and because i can't take my esprit with me (R-H drive not allowed), i thought an idea would be to 'drop' it in Malta, and i could fly there once in a while to drive. strange idea i know, but anything is possible...! paul
  7. I took my 1980 Turbo Esprit on the track here in Melbourne - Calder Park. It was AWESOME. I had a great day, did about 30 laps altogether. Got it up to about 180km/h on pit straight. Full racing gear and helmet. Cost about $250 for the day - quite reasonable. My new tyres cooked a little but did well. The most important I learnt: Don't start 'pushing' your car until you've done 2-3 slow laps... Your tires MUST be HOT.
  8. psteinb

    Essex 007

    Background The Essex was the first release of the Turbo Esprit and was the primary Turbo Esprit model being maketed by Lotus during the Bond movie release. For reference, I own the first white Turbo Esprit off the assembly line in 1980. Here are 2 crucial links to the Essex and Bond... 1. The intention of using the Turbo Esprit in For Your Eyes Only was that it co-incided with the release of the Turbo Esprit from Lotus in 1980/1981. Much of the marketing and hype surrounding the release of the movie was based around the Turbo Esprit - an example of which is in the picture below. It i
  9. i'm intrigued... tell me how you manage to keep a lotus in malta and where you drive it? any racetracks? are there any other lotus's in malta? (i've been trying to send you a message, but it seems you haven't got your settings correct.) regards paul
  10. no. (come back in 5-10 years when you have expendable income and no kids, or in 30 years after raising your children) nice thought - but no.
  11. I used to have a smell of petrol inside my cockpit (and outside too). All the breather hoses were replaced, and i thought the engine mixture was too rich, or that the choke was getting stuck.Then about 3 months ago i opened the engine cover after going for a half-hour drive and found petrol dripping from the cover (above the carburettor)! So i immediately had it towed to my mechanic and he replaced all the fibre washers in the carburettor connections... PROBLEM SOLVED and no more petrol fumes too. Lesson for the day: a. Don't ignore petrol fumes. b. Carry a fire-extinguisher. Reg
  12. Kimbers - you are wrong Bibs - you are right I own the first white turbo esprit off the assembly line in 1980 and it has some Essex features fitted as standard (at the time) - i.e. roof stereo & AC. So there. Regards Paul.
  13. it sounds to me like most of the answers given in this topic were based mostly on highway driving, whereas my usage was at least 50% city driving, thereby significantly reducing my efficiency. my assumption therefore is that if i take it out on a highway run my efficiency will increase significantly and put it somewhere inline with what everyone else reports e.g. >20MPG ... I'll give that a test run soon and let you know. Until then Rich, don't get your knickers in a knot. (also one reason i was relieved with 14LP100k is because at the beginning of this topic i thought i was at 30
  14. I've just completed a new test run over ~200km city/highway driving and I can now say that my petrol efficiency is now a fairly accurate 14.7L p/100km 16 MPG So I'm pretty happy. I just need my odometer rectified so it shows me my km's travelled more accurately. Thanks for everyone's input. I look forward to seeing more people submitting their vote...
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