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  1. Hope you get it !! If that's all it's needing that's still a good buy !!
  2. That sounds like a good price to me !!
  3. Hi Rick sorry to hear you've had to sell !! I know how you feel !! Hopefully you'll be able to get another one !! I still keep dreaming !!
  4. Sorry I'm afraid I'll not be able to make this !!! I'm moving up Scotland later this week but I'll keep in touch. Cheers
  5. Yep thats a good spot Pete there !!! I got there about 2pm and some friends I met their said a BRG lotus had just left !!! otherwise Pete I'd have given you a ring !!! Nice photo's Cheers
  6. OK see you there , I'll be going in the afternoon ... Cheers Paul
  7. I'm definitely going on the sunday and I'm taking my Esprit .... Have you any plans for meeting up beforehand ?? Cheers
  8. HI chaps !! I should be able to make this on the sunday !!! I'll probably give you a ring on the saturday to see how this went !!! Cheers
  9. I might be able to make this !!! I have to let you know nearer the time, Plus may not be in my Esprit !!! Cheers
  10. Spotted this parked outside the kitchen and bathroom centre on Chatsworth road Chesterfield yesterday (19/03) at about 11.00 ish ... Anybody on here ???
  11. Thanks Mark Fingers crossed something will turn up ..... Cheers
  12. Damn it I'm at Silverstone on Sunday ... !!!! Would have been good to catch up with you all as unfortunately I've just been made redundant so the future's a little uncertain at the moment .... Have a good day out ..... Cheers Paul
  13. Yep, we'll definitely be better co-ordinated next time !!! Great to have a chat Mark, sorry to have missed you Peter. Was good to get the car out and stretch it's legs a bit.... A Fish and Chip run sounds a great idea too ...... Cheers Paul
  14. I'll be there ...... 1. mr.oogieboogie 2. wizard All welcome .....
  15. Happy New Year........ The only week-end I could make in January would be the 24th/25th (Sunday preferably)
  16. Hi Pete It was a good run out and I've never seen these private roads so busy ...... but the car did seem to go quite well !!!! .......
  17. Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope the car isn't badly damaged. Great to meet up guys, had a great chat, and we did manage to leave the pub eventually !!! Sorry about the car-park !!! My fault that one !!! Won't be going in there again !!! Cheers Paul
  18. Hope everyone's still ok for Sunday ?? Looks like it should be a nice day according to the weather forecast .... so fingers crossed .... See you all Sunday Cheers Paul
  19. Well thats a good response already, Perhaps if we make it 1.00pm at the Highwayman (for a quick drink) then onto Chatsworth for 2.00pm hopefully this will give everyone chance to meet up. P.S. The Highwayman is approx 5 miles outside Chesterfield on the A619 just past the little village of Wadshelf. Cheers Paul
  20. Hi Folks, I'll start this thread with the intention of meeting on the above date. Also if there's no objections I would perhaps consider meeting at chatsworth House again ?? as there is a large car-park and as far as I can see (just checked Chatsworth's home page) they isn't anything on there that week-end so this time of year shouldn't be too busy. Time to be arranged dependent on numbers, ie if more can get in morning / afternoon etc ... you get the drift ... OK Thats me then ... Wizard
  21. I'm up in Scotland next week-end but I can do the week-end after ... Should we start another thread for that ?? Ade - I did look at going to the 3 counties showground, but I'm busy in the morning and thought it was a bit far to go for an afternoon !!! But if I do make it I'm sure I'll be able to find you all !!!! Cheers Paul
  22. Just wondering if anyone was avaliable to have a bit of a hoon at anytime this week-end .... I'll probably be going somewhere Sunday afternoon, but not sure where yet... Cheers Paul
  23. Unfortunately I can't make it this week-end . (In Scotland for the week-end!!!) I hope you all have a great time and look forward to seeing you all soon. Cheers Paul
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