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  1. Thanks Bo .... I'll have to get to see one for myself sometime... Cheers
  2. Did anyone manage to get down to Peter Smiths yesterday ??? If so .... is there any comments / pictures .... Cheers Paul
  3. I'm in Chesterfield ..... I was on my way to the New Forest for a friends 40th.... Hopefully we'll have a more successful get together when everyone's back off there hols .... Cheers
  4. Sorry for getting car wrong !!!! I was going in the opposite direction in my Blue S4s and it was very close to where the yellow europa was !!! If I remember correctly I'd just passed that before I saw you .....
  5. Thats a shame !!! I'd have hoped they would have stayed open a little longer to show off the new car. Oh well.....
  6. If it's a bit later I may be able to make it as well, but I don't get home till 6.30pm !!!! so 7.00pm would probably be the earliest I could get down there for. Cheers Paul
  7. Nearly missed this one !! I was travelling in the opposite direction going towards Coventry on the M69 round about junction 5.
  8. I may be able to help out depending on the date . Cheers Paul
  9. Hi Peter, nice to have spotted you, it was a shame we were going in opposite directions !! Never mind next time I sure we'll have more luck !!! Cheers Paul
  10. If your wanting to meet in Chesterfield on a Sunday morning it wouldn't be busy in front of the Town Hall which would possibly be a good photo oppotunity to start the day off ... As for time it depends on when we want to get to Chatsworth for as it's only 20-30 mins from here.... However if your meeting up Mansfield way I don't mind pop over so we can all drive back in convoy !!!! Cheers Paul
  11. I'm still OK. Not doing anything else that sunday so anytime is ok with me. mr.oogieboogie - s4 winners - s1 wizard - S4s
  12. I agree with the earlier posting "KEEP AT THEM" I've had similar problems but not to the same extent as yours, but it did work in my case keep on at them all the time especially about the estimation as this is something your can keep getting onto them about time and again. It's also strange one of the lads at work has just had the exact same problem this month (he was
  13. Hi Glyn I'm in Chesterfield and will have a spare seat !!! If your struggling for a lift get in touch nearer the time and I can pick you up. All the best Paul Thats if you don't mind slumming it in an S4s !!!!
  14. I agree with Mark, Matlock / Matlock Bath / Cromford Mill are great but can be very awkward to park, Chatsworth however is very "Esprit parking" friendly ie lots of room even when busy. Clumber park is OK for me as well...
  15. A run to Matlock sounds great to me, even though it's only 10-15 mins from home!!! but the only sunday I can do in July is the 27th for definite (sounds ages away as well!!) maybe able to make the 20th but not sure at moment !!!
  16. Well done on the first meeting, I'm sorry I missed out !!! I've got my car back now but was to busy cleaning and polishing it to check on hear for any meetings this week-end !!! Oh well I'll try not to miss the next one !!! It looked like you all had a good time in the sun. Cheers Paul
  17. No not far at all !!! Unfortunately it's looking expensive !!!! But then you can't buy a Lotus and expect to pay Ford prices for parts can you !!!! Oh well ... when it's fixed everything should be OK !!! Fingers crossed .........
  18. I'm afraid I'm off the road at the moment !!! (Gearbox problems !!) but should be back on the road in a week or so .....
  19. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I've always found them very helpfully and very reasonably priced compared to other lotus specialists.
  20. I had the cat put back on when I bought it, mainly because at the next MOT it would probably need it to get throught the emissions which would have been expensive !!! I've probably lost a bit of power !! but I thought what I've never had I wouldn't miss and believe me it's still quick !!! Not had it's MOT yet in my ownership. But I would recommend checking out Noble Motorsport on Chatsworth Road, they specialise in Lotus Caterham and of course the Noble.
  21. Can't believe I've seen two in 2 days after not seeing any for years !!! I think this was a black one (sun was in my eyes !!!) going up Chatsworth Road Chesterfield towards Baslow at 7.05 this morning... Anybody on here ??
  22. Just glimpsed this Esprit going down the M606 towards the M62 yesterday afternoon at Approx 2.00pm possibly in gold (it was very dull weather) !!!
  23. Don't worry, with any luck we'll see some sun soon and it'll hopefully look a little brighter !!! Cars in dock at moment with an oil leak !!! but will hopefully get it back soon .... It was nice to be spotted (my first) if I remember I was just having a run out to Castleton. Have you had any luck in finding an Esprit yet ?
  24. That would be me !!!! Yep it's an S4s(with Oz Wheels & S4s Spoiler) and it's also susposed to Azure Blue !!!! perhaps I need to polish it more !!!!
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