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  1. Hi Pete

    I've been off the site for a while but very sorry to hear of all your problems!!!

    I hope this year has started off ok ? 

    I've still one problem to sort but hopefully by March everything should be ok ! 

    All the best 


  2. Yep it's very sad !! I just keep thinking would I have ever hired it out in order to be able to keep it !! But I just couldn't have done it ! I would rather sell to someone who would hopefully look after it properly than hire it out !! I don't think anyone looks after a hire car like their own !!!

    I suspect most people on here would feel like that !!

  3. After trawling the Internet browsing at esprits for sale I couldn't believe my eye's when I found my old esprit S4S for hire !! I was glad to see it but not sure how I feel about it being hired out !!!

    I suppose if it gets more people to appreciate them then that's good !! But I would worry it wouldn't be treated like one of the family like I'd always treated it !! Ie with loving care !!!!!!

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