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  1. Thanks, and sorry for the poorly-worded question. At freeway speeds, I'm with you. I'm more concerned with slower situations, 30-60 MPH -- basically, do I upshift or not is what I'm worrying about. Example -- let's say I'm town at around 40mph in the 3K rev range and I'm in 3rd gear (I'm making this up on the specific numbers, but you get the idea). Do I go to fourth if it drops the revs to 2500?
  2. I am the happy new owner of a 1987 Turbo HCI. I've been getting some mixed messages regarding the where I should be on revs when at a constant speed (on the freeway and similar.) On the one hand, "don't lag the engine, these engines are built for high revs, keep between 3 and 4 thousand" and on the other hand, "these engines run hot, nothing wrong with mid-2 thousands" that sort of thing. All advice appreciated.
  3. I am considering buying a 1987 Turbo Esprit located near Louisville Kentucky. Can anyone recommend a mechanic to check it out?
  4. I'm not actually "here" (in the area), but I am looking for a mechanic to look at 1987 Turbo Esprit near Louisville Kentucky. Any suggestions?
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