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  1. Hello to all- I recently finished a rebuild (do to loss of oil pressure) on a 2002. All seems to be good accept for a single lifter tick on the right bank. I have pulled the cams and inspected for '0' lash in each lifter. They are all new and tight. Many hours of running on the dyno, multiple oil changes with various viscosities and the tick remains. Oil pressure is a respectable 1.8bar at idle hot. I currently suspect a guide issue may be hanging up one of the valves. The cams I could remove in chassis. With the head studs I will be pulling the engine to inspect the guides. Just looking for any ideas that may be particular to this engine before the pull. Thanks in advance - The Spindoctor 25years diagnostic tech and 9years Pro sport tuner with Dynoauthority. My first Lotus engine job.
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