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  1. You leave the passenger behind and put it on the passenger seat! Job done!
  2. Cos

    Rear wolfrace wheel

    Looking for a rear wolfrace slot for an S1 esprit. Any condition considered. Will take pair or set if necessary. Will pay top price. Cos [email protected] +357 99404576
  3. Hi Paul, thanks for that info. I was curious to how they are fitted! Lotus really didn't want them dropping off huh! Thing is, I think they must have already have been taken off then the weirdo spoiler was created! I think I'll just leave them where are for now!
  4. Anyone know where I can find a pack of Wolfies for it? That fibre sticking out it where the weirdo side skirt fibreglass was tucked into the bottom sill. They will have to come off so that it can also be peeled off! Such a satisfying feeling! Well worth doing this just for the feeling! Thanks Bibs! Wouldn't it be great if I found a blue one too! That would make a pretty lineup!
  5. Peeling off the weirdo side skirts was such fun!
  6. 76110231G Has the correct engine fitted too. Can't make out the colour code, but I'm pretty sure it's an original red car. Engine number
  7. You know me Bibs! Have a big soft spot for esprits. Especially S1s. I don't fly to UK any more. Haven't been over since October. Trying to plan a visit at the same time as a good esprit meeting. When are the next few?
  8. I've already done a full restoration on 127G including a Full Fulcher interior. And that's to a good friend, that car was used by Top Gear for the 50 year of Bond Cars special. Richard Hammond drove it in Monaco and was then used for some filming at Pinewood Studios. Restoring an S1 is no easy task. Lots of expenses, time, searching for rare bits and labour. I really don't know if I can go through with it all again. And it would be daft to have 2 cars that are the same. Will probably ship this one over to UK sell it on to a good home.
  9. Coming soon! The side skirts get the same treatment.
  10. More of the junk comes off Looks like a lot of wasted time and effort was put into these spoilers. They had been carefully blended in Time to attack the rear junk! Better?
  11. Washed Time to rip off that horrible homemade thing thats stuck to the car! Great feeling!
  12. Came across another esprit S1 in Cyprus again. Some of you may have seen photos of a yellow 1976 esprit/F1 355 abomination with an opel astra engine i spotted in Agia Napa a few years back. That one was well beyond saving. Nothing, but nothing was unmolested on the car other than parts of the chassis. That one even had Nissan 300ZX / Diablo headlights. Well this is another one. A Red 1976 car which again had been off the road for about 5 years. I had never seen or hear of this car on the island. It was resting in side road of a small village near the deserted Nicosia Airport. Unfortunately, this one too had been in the hands of modders, with turbo look-a-like spoilers that had been styled from photos. I felt like I was looking at a stray dog that needed to be taken away from it place of suffering and saved from a certain death. I just couldn't make myself walk away from it. 2 days later, its in my garage at home. God help me! Spotted Looked inside Aircon anyone? Aircon anyone? Getting it delivered. seriously mixed emotions! Get some rest now Washed down with a pressure washer. Should dry in a couple of minutes. Its 34 degrees out here! Sprayed off all the dust!
  13. Congratulations Paul. It looks just like mine, 127G and with pretty much all of the same headaches.
  14. Cos

    Glass sunroof swap?

    I've a glass sunroof, early Stevens, brown tint without the obscuring black strip around the edge. Near perfect condition. Wanting to swap with the later grey tint with the black obscuring band. From what I understand, the change happened about 1992. The part is at my brothers house in North london. Could swap just the glass part. Please get in touch if you're interested. [email protected] or +357 99 404576
  15. Not wanting to knock any of the other marques that you are restoring, but 70s and 80s lotus restorations are rare things. There are probably only ever a handful being carried out at any one time anywhere in the word!
  16. WELL DONE! Those seats look amazing. I wish my wife could have done my interior! keep them coming!
  17. I can tell that a lot of hard work has gone into that bonnet, and it looks well worth it. My cars left mounting needs fix in too. Someday I hope to be able to "re-profile" mine. It will need it. Keep those formers please, they just might come in useful My S1 lives at my brothers house in Southgate, N.London. I decided not to take it to Cyprus. I felt it was a shame to bring it over here to Cyprus. If your ever in the area, give him a call. Text me or email me for his details. (+357 99404576 or [email protected]) His name is Roddy. He goes to a lot of shows. Don't know if you've ever met him. He's a big fanatic too! He has a few Lotus too. What are you planning to do with your interior? You going to take it to Stephen Fulcher?
  18. Fantastic job Paul. Takes me back to my restoration. I miss those days. Mine is 127G. I love the way you've got the bonnet shut line perfect. Most of the early cars have the front left edge sticking up slightly. If your going to fit a new windscreen, get in touch with me and i'll give you the details where you can get one in clear with the correct XXX marking. keep up the good work!
  19. Sorry. I forgot to mention. It's for a GT3. The climate out here is warm. 10 Celsius minimum in the winter and 40 Celsius in the summer. I can only get Mobile 1 0W40 or ESP 5W30 It's not much of a choice!
  20. The time has come again to change my engine oil. Problem is, I can't find the lotus recommended grade of oil. This is all I can find out here! Damn it! What would you do?
  21. I think I've figured this one out! The owner must have heard that an underwater esprit from a Bond movie sold for half a million quid. And so without researching it properly, he had a go at adding some value to his one!
  22. Well well well, Some real beauties on this thread. Here is the famous Agia Napa car! I tracked it down a few years ago. I remember seeing it a few years before that and heard it was living in Napa. When I finally found it, I was in total shock. It's a sister car of my S1. This one is 126G and mine is 127G. This is my entry to this thread. That rear spoiler? Looks like its on the wrong way round? Aerodynamic Lift?
  23. Hi Yes. Someone wanting to get in can punch the secret code number on the keypad. That give a warning to the pilots inside that someone is attempting an emergency entry. A warning will sound for a set period of time 20-30 seconds, and then after that the door unlocks. Of course, during the wait, the pilots can override the entry. And they can also see who is trying to enter with the CCTV. I'm sure it was the pilots. I am just wondering, if it was the captain, perhaps he was planing to do a kamikaze raid on the BIOT USAF base Diego Garcia. I AM VERY SURPRISED THE YANKS DIDNT PICK THEM UP ON RADAR If they did, well, who knows what could have happened!
  24. Anyhow. Wanna hear my theory on flight MH370? The copilot did it! 27 year old single guy, It was the first time he was left in the cockpit alone in a boeing 777 since he started training on that type of aircraft. He locked the captain out of the cockpit. Probably when the captain popped out to go to the toilet. Turned off acars, transponder, CVR, etc and threatened to dive the plane if they attempted to get in. Since 2001, cockpit doors have locks and are bulletproof. They also have CCTV to view the area outside the door. Flew about for some hours and then dived it into the Indian Ocean at supersonic speed. He probably did lots of weird stuff with the plane before doing that. Maybe thought about flying back to KL and into Petronas towers (or maybe someone's house, ex girlfriend etc). He'd probably thought of doing it many times before he finally did it. A bit like those police chase videos when someone gets into a digger and goes through a town smashing things up! I think he was some kind of an attention seeking psychopathic nutter. Came from a connected wealthy family etc. Anyhow, if that is the case, we will probably never know the truth, unless someone in the back of the plane wrote something down on paper or electronically and it's found. I know it sounds a bit surreal, but it's very very possible. I hope I'm wrong, but it really is one of the most possible theories I can think of. The officials have only said that the captain (pilot) was not suspect. They haven't said much about the copilot. Very very sad
  25. I really wanna come too. I have those days off. Just gotta see if I can come to UK. HERE IS AN IDEA for taking a photo with Concorde.
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