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  1. Thanks everyone, I will keep you posted. And Calvin, I will give your idea a shot at another alignment place. Take care, steve
  2. Hi everyone, Recently my '95 S4's ABS light started flashing on and off after the car had been driven and the brakes hit hard. The car is braking as it always has in the 2 years that I have owned it. When the car is first started, the brake pedal has to be pushed hard (prime it?) and I notice that when I am at a light, if I am pushing the brakes down with moderate force, I feel the pedal pushing back at me. As this is the only Esprit I have ever driven, I am not sure if this is normal and I am more in tune with it, now that the ABS light flashes on and off. I don't know if it is tru
  3. Hey, thanks for the info! Could I get the name of the shop? If I could call, they may have some info they could give to a speedo shop here in Tampa. steve
  4. Hi everyone, Recently when driving my 95 Esprit S4, my speedometer started jumping wildly around. Now, when the car is stopped, it reads 20. When I am going maybe 30, it reads 70 and jumps around. I have owned this Esprit for going on 2 years with no problems like this. It went from working fine to this. The odometer works fine. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. steve
  5. Hi Simon, Got it... Thanks! She's running fine now.... steve
  6. Hi Paul, That's always good to know to check! I'm going to print that info out and put it in my owner's manual for future reference. Thanks. steve
  7. Thank you Simon! That did it!!!! She's running now. It's tricky - When I first looked after you wrote this, I didn't see it because it is tucked behind a couple of hoses. Thanks very much to everyone who replied with suggestions. Hopefully that does the trick and that switch doesn't trip again. I have no idea why it did that to begin with. steve
  8. Thanks very much for the tips Tim! I will start with the fuel pump sound and go from there. steve
  9. Anybody know where the fuel pump cut off is in a 95 S4 in the US? I don't have an inertia switch as shown in my manual and fuel is not flowing to my engine (please see my previous posts if you are interested to know more). Thanks. steve
  10. Steve, If you are talking about the switch at the bottom right of the engine bay in the pic of my engine (near where the cut-off should be), that plunger like looking switch cuts out the trunk light when the engine/trunk cover is shut. Underneath the panel where the cutoff should be is just some foam. I can not find the engine bay relay box in the engine compartment. This is a US car. I just want to say I really appreciate the time you are spending corresponding with me this afternoon (evening in the UK). Any other suggestions? IF I could find the engine relay box, perhaps I c
  11. Hi Steve, I found that pic in my manual too. The switch is not there! I even took off that panel where the switch is found to look behind it... nothing. I took a pic of my engine bay. Could they have mounted it somewhere else in the 95 S4? And if it turns out to be this, why would this cut off do this? The car was not bumped or anything and has never done this before. Thanks! steve
  12. Hi Steve, I will check! Thanks for pointing out the obvious, because sometimes the obvious escapes us. I've just got to find the switch in my manual because I have not seen thsi switch....
  13. Hi. If you read my previous posting.... I called a friend who is a mechanic and he pointed me to the fuel rail... after the ignition is turned to on, the rail should be pressurized he said. With the ignition turned to on, when I check the valve that is like a bicycyle tire valve (schrader valve I believe), no fuel comes out... it doesn't seem to be pressurized. I checked the fuses, they are fine and the relay for the fuel pump at least looks fine (I don't know how to check the relay)... So it seems that my fuel pump may have just died, but I am not sure. There's gas - the tanks are
  14. I've had my 95 S4 since December and it has run great to date. I went for a drive this morning and it started right up and . Now, later in the morning, it won't start. The engine turns over when I crank her and the battery is new. I've checked with my charger. I seems like it is not getting any gas. At first it would catch, and then go dead. I let her sit for an hour and cranked the engine, which is turning strong. Now it won't even catch. I checked the battery and it is charged. This car has never done this before. Any advice? Could the fuel pump have just died? Should
  15. Thanks very much s4Simon and Scoule. I'll take this info to my mechanic. If you could email the scanned wiring diagram to [email protected], I'd really appreciate it. He needs this to find the correct relay and fuse. -steve
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