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  2. This was great advice the plastic hose worked a treat. it sounds as if its coming from where the manifold joins the exhaust? Is there any baffles in the exhast that might be the reason for the ticking? Thanks Ramjet for the tips I owe you a beer....... Ooops Ramjet I tried to vote your post up but clicked on the negative by mistake.....sorry
  3. Hi, I fitted a powerlite hi torque starter to my turbo esprit and the 3rd connection is not required. I called the company to double check and they confirmed the extra connection is not needed. Rgds JK
  4. Wow thanks Michael that sounds like great advice, I'm gonna do just that and see how I get on..... Thanks Lotus Gurus!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks mate!!!! If the rain stops I'll try and get her out tomorrow to have a proper look. Sorry if this sounds daft but why would the manifold sound like a ticking noise? Cheers
  6. "How loud is it? Does it vary with engine speed? Or road speed but not engine speed....does it do it whilst stationary? Tell us as much descriptive stuff as you can"... Hi good question!!!, it defo does it whilst stationary as I tested it last night. Its really loud and sounds like a ticking on metal sound, I think it goes once I drive it down the road but that probably more to do with the engine warming up because if I leave it idling on the driveway the sound goes after about 5 minutes as well. Thanks Hi what price are they if it is the manifold? Thanks
  7. My Esprit drives really nicely now and even sailed through the MOT, but she has since developed a noticeable ticking noise coming from the engine bay that disappears once the engine warms up. Any ideas as you guys saved my bacon last time? Thanks Justin
  8. Oooh thats a good point door cards are the only bits i didnt remove i just masked off the leather and sprayed the material then used a stiff brush to work the dye in. I used the back of the seat to practise on once I removed it, was actually easy to use just set a fine spray mist on the bottle then brush in. Rgds JK :thumbup:Thanks Buddy
  9. Hi, I just ordered from the us site and paid the shippng to uk. I think all in it was about 40quid rgds JK
  10. Hi, I've done it and was pleased with the results but you need to take your time. See link below I did doors, inner part of the seats, bulkhead and tunnel. All were removed from car before I started. I also fitted a new carpet before all was replaced. I will dig out a picture and post it here. Rgds JK My Interior...She used to look very tired inside but much nicer now and at a very cheap cost, the carpet helped also of course. I also used a leather repair kit from ebay to touch up the area around the choke lever. .
  11. I think all this is just good news for Lotus and good news for esprit owners. As Lotus become more exclusive the older cars will start to get more recognition. Try buying a Ferrari 308 for 7 to 10 grand? You can't..... Maybe my lovely esprit is on the rise thanks to Lotus pushing into new markets. Mark my words this will be a success and this format will be copied by others. I belive even Mclaren considerd doing similar.
  12. Yippee she's running again.!!!!!After running through the various posts on here I’ve now sorted it. I checked pump and fuel supply, as fuel delivery was good I thought carb related sounded a good bet . As I haven’t a clue on carbs I invested in the book "How to Build and Power Tune Weber and Dellorto DCOE and DHLA Carburettors" with a view to checking jets and floats as suggested. After reading the post on checking the leads are pushed home on the dizzy I thought it’s probably worth checking all the spark plugs before I start pulling stuff apart, on inspection they were pretty grubby so replaced all 4 and she started 1st time. .....Nice Thanks for everyone who posted, I now know a lot more about how my car works and the useful fuel pump checks and the book on carbs will all come in handy for next time. Thanks JK
  13. Thanks for your help guys, there is some great tips in here and disconnecting the pipe to the fuel regulator sounds like a plan, if it dribbles then "Houston we have a problem" .Ive attached an image below I'm assuming its connection 4 that needs to be removed is this correct? You may guess from this post that I'm a novice;o) Thanks for your help JK
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