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  1. I welded the bung in myself. It was a turbonetics part. Dindo
  2. My advice would be to go to a company called CCW and get their Classic three piece wheel in race trim. They essentially gut the whole wheel out and you end up 2 pounds lighter. In addition, get 17 in front and 18 in the rear. Better than that, get 16 in front and 17 in the rear with lightwieght r compound tires. With our cars, the suspension is very delicate as far as changes. My current setup is 18 in front and 19 in the rear and I can see it affected it negatively, but it sure does look great. Now that it is 5 years later, I wished I had done the opposite and made a set-up exactly as spec'ed
  3. I can ship to the uk but the packaging will add substantially to the cost since I want to make sure there will be absolutely no damage to the core. What would have to be done, is I would attach another piece of aluminum to the front so in case the package is pierced, nothing can affect the core. In addition, I would make a lightweight crate. Therefore, since I have not done this, I can only say that it will add $200 to the overall price. Price to have crate made and extra aluminum. does not include shipping. Dindo
  4. I thought I would introduce my self formally, I have been modifiying the Esprit for over 7 years and have to say that it is a great car. Having owned Lancer EVO8, M3, 993, and so forth, I have to say that I still get a big grin when I drive the Esprit. Well, I thought I would let the word out that I manufacture one of the greatest mods for our car. If you are in CA, visit Harry Appleby at Viking Motorsprots and he can attest to the quality and performance this radiator can give you. If you live outside of CA, you can purchase the radiator from me as long as I have some on the shelf otherwi
  5. What makes this radiator different is the spacing between the fins. The core is used heavily in offroad racing applications where dust, mud, and sand are encountered. Normal street radiators do not have the ability to clean out themselves due to the spacing. the Esprit is a whole different matter. The fins, if you call them fins, do not allow any debris to pass through. As an example, if I take a pound of sand and pour it on the esprit stock radiator, only a samll amount will exit the other side. Well guess what, this hinders the operation of our radiators and also causes them to rust/de
  6. I use an aftermarket pro radiator that fits perfectly for the Lotus S4 and V8. The design has been in use for 4 years and no problems just all out performance and sold through Viking Motorsports in Costa Mesa, CA USA. It to also uses 3 Spal fans optimized for airflow. In additon, it has 2 -1" tubes that equate to having a 5-row brass radiator. It is a drop in fit using all existing mounting points. The best thing is dirt and sand don't get trapped anymore like the stock unit which is a disaster in the making if not addressed to. Call Harry Appleby and he can tell you that this is THE ra
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