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  1. Hello all, I have researched this issue on the web and found multiple instances of it but no definitive answer to the problem. After allowing my 2002 Esprit V8 to sit with battery disconnected for many years, I attempted to restart it. The alarm mobilizer light does not light up when the power is restored. I can use the manual key to unlock the door and use the alarm contact demobilizer on the center console (between seat) point but it has no affect. The engine will not start. I have viewed several posts on this issue but have seen no real solution. There is talk about a battery that is a component of the alarm system that may need to be replaced. I am sure someone else has run into this issue. Any help is appreciated Thank you, Rogers
  2. I am extremely interested. I have been attempting to locate it for some time. I would be refinishing my S1 in the grey. Thanks so much, Rogers
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