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  1. Hi Everyone: I've been doing a bit or reading (and searching on this forum) on the rebuilding of our T3 turbos in the GMP4 Esprits. I've seen various rebuild kits advertised for the Garrett T3 that offer different bearings trim etc. That's been discussed at length here so that's all pretty clear. It appears however, that there are minimally three different types of seals specific to the T3. They either have one piece carbon seals, four piece carbon seals or dynamic seals. Which type of seal is used on the Esprit? Were different seals used for the non chargecooled versus the SE or S4(s)
  2. It might help if you posted what year and type of cartridges you have. Especially if they are the 'plus' types as they contain more features. I'm interested in the abs and any airbag one as I've got a couple Tech1A's that I'd like put to use. Steve
  3. The reasoning for the fuel shut off is intended as a safety device after an impact. Electric fuel pumps will continue to pressurize the fuel system as long as the ignition is switched on and battery power is available. The shutoff reduces the potential of an engine compartment fire being fed by the EFI system. Unfortunately minor parking impacts and road harshness can also trigger the device as well. A lot of people with modern cars don't know where there's is located and end up getting towed in for a simple reset. (another) Steve
  4. Sorry to hear of your current powerplant woes. Hopefully things are turning around soon for you. Since you have an earlier mpfi system without the chargecooler setup I have not been sure as to whether or not the nikasil liners came with that powerplant. Does that mean that your pistons are also chrome plated on top? I had been thinking that the non charge cooled mpfi engines had cast iron liners and cast pistons. The charge cooled (or so I thought) had the nikasil liners along with the chrome topped pistons. Hopefully someone can chime in so that I know what I'm in for when it comes t
  5. Couldn't you simply turn down your new lever to 1/2"? That would be a lot more preferable than chopping up the original gearchange I'd think. If you don't know anyone with a lathe it shouldn't cost much to have a local shop do it.
  6. Hi Mark: I've been following your thread for awhile now but am a bit confused at this new turn with the bodywork and leaving the dirvetrain somewhat unfinished. I'd thought that you originally had some sort of issue with the Citroen transaxle and possible issues with the mating of it's input shaft with your engine. (I think I read somewhere that the bellhousing was align bored with the engine mains and motor and trans were matched). Has this been resolved? Just curious as to why you would jump into paintwork without the drivetrain in place. Best regards on your project. Steve
  7. I'm assuming that the 3/4" is below the crank flange. You'll need to either drill and tap with a reverse out or attempt a stud weld onto the broken stub. At 81 ft/lbs. I'd try the former. As an aside, I'd get all new bolts and make sure that my torque wrench is accurate before attempting the reinstall after you get the stub out. Hope it works out, Steve
  8. They may lower as advertised but can you truly determine ride height from an unloaded spring? With todays progressive rate springs I'd think you'd want to load up the spring with the actual corner weight first and then compare. The photos shown demonstrate shock travel rather than spring height IMHO if the spring is being compressed by the shock. Steve
  9. Maybe have a look at the oil filter too. A plugged or collapsed filter will build pressure until the bypass opens up. This has been rumoured to be a problem in the Ferrari world with Mobil 1's synthetic reformulation. Something about the additive package eating up a certain brand of oil filter or the like. I'd change the filter first though and then look for a blockage or restriction in the circulation system. Obviously you've confirmed with a known tested gauge that these indeed are true pressures being taken off of the engines sampling port. Steve
  10. I'd bet that it's an SE. The door sills are certainly SE and the picture of the ECU are of the newer Delco connectors as well. Also you can see the secondary injector harness laying down on the intake. However, someone has swapped the intake cam cover for the non SE along with the plenum backplate and the chargecooler tank is missing too. Front bumper along with the different fog lamps and ducts is gone too. Seems to me that someone has done some "upgrading" to the detriment of this car.
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