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  1. I've got RC injectors After trying several of the 3,5,so on chips, the code I like the best is the 1995 S4s code that I got from Sanj in the US. No rolling road tests just seat of the pants, but its strong and boost is rock solid, never hits boost cut.
  2. I got a very polite e-mail response from Jon with WCEngineering to my question about shipping to the UK. In short, they had a confrontation with customs, shipping a part that was made in the UK, shipped to the US and then shipping back to the UK. With today's push towards oversight of everything coming and going, I suppose I can understand their position. In any case, GTO should have some more available soon.
  3. Engine runs fine, but you still have a code 41? It's the incorrect ignition module, not a genuine Lotus part. The genuine Lotus part is actually a part used during factory tuning of the engine, it has an additional output signal that is helpful during the code development. This part was not intended to be used on a production run. In a normal development cycle, after the code is all worked out and the engine tuned, the engineers would disable the flag in the code for code 41 then the production cars are built the "standard" ignition module that does not have the signal output would b
  4. I've got an older HKS EVC II on my car that works very well. holds boost stable, no learning, just set it and it's done. You can find them up on e-bay from time to time for about £300
  5. Anyone know something about WC engineering offering an LSD? They have a Quaife LSD up on their site, stating that they are in stock, they are indicating shipping only to the North American continent. http://www.wcenginee...esprit/lsd.html Wondering why they won't ship to the rest of the world. I sent an e-mail, but I believe it's a Holiday in the states today.
  6. Since I'm in possesion of commented, compilable, source code for the SE, S4, S4s, GT3, S300, X180r I'd wager a few pints that I'm evaluating it correctly.
  7. I am interested to see that no one wants to comment on the FACT that the ECM will throw a code 33 at 204 kPa (2.04 BAR) Since I am unaware of people reporting throwing a code 33 when running the various numbered versions of the chips, it must confirm the idea that the chips are not raising the true boost levels. Additionally, the boost equation error likely explains why the numbered chips have no changes to the main fuel tables or the main ignition tables, they are most likley scaled improperly in the .TDF file.
  8. Eric, no disrespect intended, I think you doing a knock-up job with the software you're putting together, but I would like to add some food for thought: 1. People were unaware of the error in reporting boost levels in Freescan? Which means almost everyone using it in unaware of the error. 2. The error in Freescan would be DIRECTLY related to the chips supplied by Marcus due to the fact that Andy Whittaker wrote Freescan and he also wrote the .TDF file that Marcus uses. Why would Andy use a different equation in the .TDF file than Freescan? 3
  9. Am I reading this correctly? Does this mean that all along people have been using Freescan and thinking that they are running higher boost than they really are? Does this also mean that all of those numbered chips that have been sold do not actually make the boost levels they claim, because of an error in the equation used by Freescan? This would explain the trouble shooting charts in the Lotus manuals stating 207kPa as a cut off point. Tell me I'm mistaken.
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