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  1. Few pics from yesterday's testing sessions at Lotus Silverstone:
  2. It's mental! What a brilliant machine - you have to try one! It's hard to talk about this without echoing EVO's review and who sums it up better than I probably can and that seem dead on (Official spec). My first sports car was a Elise and I currently quite fancy an Exige S atm so I'm naturally inclined to love this next step up the ladder but hopefully I can try and communicate some original impressions. The car is that good that I don't have much criticism frankly but nothing will replace actually driving it. Just for reference I've been lucky enough to try, test or tour europe in elises, exiges, a series of ferraris and astons, classic and contemporary so hopefully I can offer some objective & helpful view points. Silverstone Lotus kindly fitted me into the last test session of the day and the guy co-piloting the test was Lotus Cars' EMEA, NZ & Aus. Sales Director and ex-engineer, James Haskey. Tested in dry conditions, in 'Sport' Mode on bumpy b-roads, dual carriageway, roundabouts and local, slow country roads and didn't get or need the chance to try different driving settings: frankly it's soo mentally quick with such inertia free, slip free, monumental shove I personally needed the time to recalibrate my brain. I didn't even begin to tap it's potential - without doubt: can't imagine you would need the top 2/3 gears in the UK on public roads. I'll try and summarise so firstly:the pace is absolutely bonkers - feels like the fastest car I've ever driven. It's like someone's bestowed on you a super-ability to 'fold space' or time travel from one end of a straight to another - but like recent lotuses the shove is very accessible for anyone with a little experience or skill - obviously not suggesting Paris Hilton will replace her Maclaren SLR for one... + - what a beast! it feels fiercely quick - i didn't feel it slip once - although I wasn't (overtly) trying to do anything really silly/provocative - at a glance it might look like the previous exige, but actually I think it looks really badass from the front, in person: much more serious / beefy / less delicate looking that elise/exiges - sounds brilliant! not annoyingly noisy but growls, purrs, pops and crackles away behind you. this is such an improvement - you'd hardly know it was blown, completely different to my Esprit that I'd just stepped out of which sounds like God's Espresso Machine behind your right ear - higher production values - way way better constructed than previous phases in lotus production - the door went 'thunk'!! - power doesn't need chasing or 'summoning up', unlike some engines: it's always there almost whatever gear you're in - you just choose the character of the shove you want: from 'mental' in the lowest gear you can use at any given moment through to 'gently warp' in top gear - the brand manger at Silverstone Lotus claimed the roof comes off targa-style (with a little nut and bolt work) - a favourite configuration of mine - the Lotus guy said the run-in development cars with several 000 miles on the are good-looser and faster and easily wheelspin in 4th at lower speeds? - well spec'd brakes - give you the confidence to know you can stop when you get into speeds that the Exige will do. - like the other recent lotuses it's feels like you become a part of the car - as the saying goes: you don't climb in to lotuses, you put them on: i love this - and this one is no different ? - some aspects are so right that in comparison some details feel unfortunately overlooked e.g. switchgear, electric window buttons - but everything else is just right tho I think - I personally 'blow hot and cold' about some of the rear angles that look a tiny bit odd in impression but this is a minor thing and probably subjective. - the gear change is still a tiny bit snickety - not hard to use but in the short time I used it was sometimes not as natural action as some in a couple of changes. maybe it's still bedding in. - maybe a tiny bit more inertia that the elise/exige and maybe a little bit less genuine 'feel' - but only in comparison to other track orientated lotuses and barely noticable - it's like driving a thoroughbred horse - if i got one I think I would find myself ignoring *everything* else in my life to hunt down roads/tracks to drive this car on - interior looks identical to the elise/exige 4cyl and whilst seems to make some sense next to a 911 gt3 interior (compared to something more luxurious) but still could be a little more plush. maybe some options will let you improve it to that level. -- - still somewhat annoying tricky to get in/out (any my wife's yoga teacher: you'd think i might find it easier!). That might sound trivial: it isn't. I wonder if some people might not even be able to get in it at all. ------- The car represents a phenomena I think is really important in good industrial/product design that we all strive to reproduce: the ability to completely remove the distance between what the user wants & expects to do with a car/product/service and what the product/car/service actually does when you use it: in the exile v6's case it feels like it makes that distance from thought to effect invisible. You don't notice the car around you: you just want to go from where you are to where you want to travel to and suddenly you're there and in as quick and focussed a way as possible, if that makes sense. I find that stunning - it has plenty of character but some may like more old fashioned 'pomp and circumstance' in their sports car driving experience. SO! It's so 'good' scary that it reminded me of a traditional Japanese sushi knife I own that's so sharp it cuts the kitchen brush when you clean it and which when I bought it, it shaved a (harmless) molecule thin layer of skin off my finger when I brushed the blade to 'test it' (the classic blokey thing to do). That's not to say that in a negative, jittery or uncontrolled sense but in the sense of a tool that feels close to the 'peak' of it's purpose: completely focussed. Awesome, just awesome. To finish the afternoon, coincidentally I 'bumped' into James driving the car back to london on the M1 so we loosely convoyed on the way back: cool! My heart says: where do I sign? First I'd have to compare a Evora S and a sporty 911! hope this helps/if of interest!
  3. Hi, First time working on the suspension side of things and I need to replace the front lower link to anti-roll bar bushes(4) on an '83 Turbo - question is..: will modern poly bushes ruin the 'original' handling configuration...Or would they do a fantastic job of subtly sharpening up the handling experience, turn-in etc, and in the spirit of the original handling?...... Anyone had any experience of either or both? thanks for any help!
  4. I discover the ducting on my '83 turbo's ducting is really not OK either. I've patched it up but... did troy ever find anything suitable? A supplier, manufacturer or any solution? Currently think of getting two, different diameter, expensive lengths of ducting and a chrome intermediate pipe that jumps from the larger duct diameter to the smaller on that fits the turbo intake width. Tried to PM Troy but think his inbox is full. thanks
  5. As no one else had, it seemed! Feel free to join up, just browse or post photos! Rgds Mike
  6. This is amazing - a totally undocumented feature of the '83 Turbo. The horn barely works, even when it actually feels like it in normal circumstances but wow what a transformation when I wash it or it rain (not to much thankfully in my owner ship of 2 months so far...) it won't *stop* working!! More embarrassing is the noise which sounds totally weedy - will probably replace the air horns anyway. So I've worked out if I remove the 2nd glovebox bottom fuse from the right to shut it up until it dries off but this is a ridiculous workaround as this also controls the headlights motor (no horn, no flashable headlights...risky...). From these facts is it possible to deduce what the problem is? Or do I still need to follow the recommended route issues using a multimeter, i.e. corroded cable, connectors/connections, fuses to be found in random places (inline in the cable somewhere, under the steering wheel, somewhere else as yet undiscovered), the relay, bad earth (have no idea what this last means!) Thanks for any knowledge - sorry if it's a DPM! M
  7. Hi - which model kenlowe and spal fans did you guys replace with? One of mine just stopped working too...not had a look yet if I have ro replace it would be good to know...
  8. codex

    Esprit on Track

    Definitely. No doubt about it - just need to get the start motor renovated and change and oil after our 2700m europe tour this month then I'm there. Probably start with a training day with Andy at North Wield aerodrome then off to Brands first, probably on a LOT novice day to ease in then....would love to do Brands GP, Silverstone, Donington, Anglesey, Snetterton...
  9. codex

    So if...

    Hmm...I shall talk to my local dealer....
  10. codex

    So if... the Paris show as seems to be the case by general concensus and the countdown at - Does anyone know if it's possible to put a deposit down on one yet?? And if so - has anyone put one down yet?
  11. I'm getting the odd pop about 1 second after I turn of the ignition but nothing bang-like. When the car was really hot in tuscany and around Milan (100 degree ambient) I twice got one of the cylinders seemingly randomly misfiring - this might have been dirt from the tank maybe, I thought as it was the first time I'd taken the tank down to near to empty, but one of those times as I was just driving slowly through a motorway service at the service station and I got a 'lovely' back-fire bang - although didn't see the rear obviously. I do however get awesome flameouts on overruns/down-revs in high gears coming down from above about 4000rpm - more visible on tunnels and something I will never, ever, ever get tired of. Ever. I love this car.
  12. hi, - saw you aerial post:

    Still got the aerial motor? I have a happily purring away working aerial motor but the other bit's gone - as you say: would love to keep it original


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