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  1. Hi, I have an 88 Esprit turbo with the 3-way MB Quart set-up. Does anybody know the model number and specs. on these three speakers? I am somwhat of an audiophile and want to bi-amp the speakers, but don't want to overdrive them. I am thinking of putting in 8" in place of the 6.5". Any recommends or input would be appreciated to plan my upgrade. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Jon
  2. Thanks for tellling me. I wasted a lot of time looking for these. It too, is my only option with an overhead door. Jon
  3. Hi Everyone, I know that the Lotus radiator has been touched on here by several people. I am a new owner of a 1988 and mine is leaking. I do have a manual, but it is not that clear on exactly how to get the radiator out. Has anybody posted a step by step instructions with pictures on the web? If so, I would appreciate a link being sent. Your time is appreciated. Thanks, Jon
  4. Hi, I am a new 1988 Esprit owner. I looked all over the web for some ramps that go the full length of the car. Anybody know where I can get a set of ramps like these in the USA? Your responce is appreciated. Jon
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