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  1. Hi Waynef, SS header of Patpong's yellow S4 just broken last month. The broken point is at welding spot at turbo flange. This SS header was just last only few thousand Km. Our cars has full mods, I can say 350+hp, Marcus knows it very well. When we go out for sunday drive, we floor the throttle from 3rd to 5th gear all the way to 260 kph and killed all F cars. Mine has cast iron. Patpong has SS manifold. I used to have replica X-180 SS exhaust pipe from Marcus on my car. It also cracked at welding spot at muffler. This one last around 40,000 km. Temperature at muffler is by far lower than at the header. I saw many aftermarket SS manifolds for Porsche turbo. May be they know how to make it.
  2. Someone has posted it here few years ago. S 350 wheels is the lightest. AWI is the heaviest. I can't remember the weight.
  3. When you let it stay idle for few minutes, does check engine light show up? In my case, I break intake manifold gasket, the one that after primary injectors and attached to cylinder head, chasing GTR and F430 I got WC stage 1 turbo , PUK red race chip, and a lot more. My boost was sustained at 1.25 bar all the way from 2nd gear to 5th gear. The gasket started breaking by one cylinder first, then idle stay around 1500-2000 rev, never come down. Then finally the whole gasket was broken, vacuum leaked all cylinder, idle goes up to 2500 rev, check engine light show up. IAC works at its maximum, no longer able to control the idle. In your case, is there any vacuum leaked? Your engine might suck too much air from other sources, not from IAC. If that is the case, your check engine light should show up, after you let it stay idle for few minutes. I hope this will help. Cheers/Chale
  4. I have both Esprit S4s and 2007 Exige S with full Komotec upgrade and Quicksilver header + titanium silencer. Sound like a firecracker. According to Komotec figure, I should have around 280 hp behind my shoulder. It is very quick and chassis is a lot more stiffer than Esprit. But when come to top speed, Esprit is faster and more stable. Oh, my Esprit has full mod as well. Marcus knows it very well.
  5. SJ sportcars has overhaul kit.
  6. His turbo is great !! But his service is very disappointed. It took me 4 months, more than 5 email without any reply, to get my turbo back. I had to ask my friend in the US to make a phone call for me, finally he reply me an email. "very sorry for late reply, it is race season, I'm out of the shop and very busy on the road, I will send ur turbo ASAP" Two weeks later, I got my turbo back.
  7. I had same problem when I changed my turbo to WC stage 1 turbo. It turned out that it was incorrect wastegate capsule adjustment. I have to turn the wastegate arm in about 4 rounds. Have you tried this? Or you may have poor fuel pump, dirty fuel tanks or dirty fuel filter. I'm positively believe not turbo. Chale
  8. Hey Jukka, I stole your car,ha ha ha B)
  9. Hello Jimmy, you should have called me, have some beers Just learn to manage my attachments, Here are few more pics.
  10. You forgot Thailand. More than 50 Esprits here, include 1 JPS. One more shot.
  11. s4s

    LEF Golf Society

    20 years of golf already. One hole in one made, 140 yards 9-iron. Count me in.
  12. Young boy working at gas station "Is it modified Toyota? Which model?" I reply "Ahh yes!!"
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