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  1. esprit s2

    Elite wanted (1970s)

    Still want one?
  2. Let me know how Much you want and when you want it. Think that's one of the last things I need! Paul
  3. I could do with 40' myself. Let me know how Much! Paul.
  4. esprit s2

    Yet another resto

    Didn't Spyder make a chassis? Are they still going?
  5. esprit s2

    Vacuum pods

    Hey Dunc. The spring coil seems to contact the flange inside the light pod. Maybe I should just get hold of another spring and see if that makes a difference. The other one is set up exactly the same way and the pod goes all the way down.
  6. I'm having a problem with fitting one of my light pods where the spring fouls on the bodywork when trying to push the pod down. The other pod is fine. Anyone else still have the original pod set up?
  7. esprit s2

    Yet another resto

    Totally agree with the above. I bought mine in 2010 and it still isn't on the road yet. I'm so excited about getting to drive mine (hopefully in the next 6 weeks) but it may be an anticlimax! We'll see. Keep it.
  8. esprit s2

    unleaded petrol

    I like beer.
  9. esprit s2

    unleaded petrol

    Normal unleaded or super?
  10. esprit s2

    Eclat Riviera - First MOT in 25 Years

    Very very nice!
  11. That sounds right to me. Looking at this picture seems to confirm your thinking too.
  12. esprit s2

    Elite/Eclat/Excel picture thread!

    Would be interested to know what the drive down was like. Is the Elite a good cruiser?