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  1. I can see bits of Evora in that. Inside it looks like the lotus concept cars.
  2. Looks like he has an SE. Name:Karl Location:south yorks uk Car:1992 lotus esprit se turbo and .porsche968 Modifications:non
  3. I didn't. I forgot all about it to be honest. I have loads of photos of it so I could still get something made up. Still don't know what to do with my shiny bits as they aren't that shiny and a bit pitted. Need to free up a day and go to Lotusbits.
  4. Me would like to come this year please! 1. Bibs - One of each 2. Laura - tbc 3. Kimbers - Prawn Cocktail, Turkey, Ice Cream 4. - Prawn, Turkey & Ice Cream 5. obione - Duck, Beef, & Apple Tart 6. ChrisJ - Soup, Turkey, No dessert 7. Moxie - Something gluten-free, TBD 8. Judith (fiancée de Moxie) - Something gluten-free, TBD 9. Buddsy something nice 10. Hot T something saucy 11. Paul B. - pate, lamb, mousse.
  5. Hi Matt, I'm a little further away in Essex but I am restoring my 1974 Elite if you are interested. Should be finished within the next 12 months.....hopefully!
  6. I think pieces of foam were used. I have just got some from SJ but I'm sure you can just cut some to shape from any old foam bits.
  7. He's probably thinking why on earth does it matter! No one will see them anyway! I'm with you though, nice and shiny is good!
  8. Calling all Elite owners! Can someone do me a favour and take a photo of their rear side windows please? When I removed the rear glass from my car there was some 35mm wide plastic strips on the outside of the glass. When I removed it most of it snapped as it is 40 years old! Need to know if this is standard fitment or an after thought. Thanks!
  9. I see Maldonado is at it again!
  10. Stock Coachworks (where my car is) use gel shield 200 before painting.
  11. Yep the car is at the body shop, it went in on the 11th august! Am the wrong person to ask about repairing the grp as they are doing all of it.
  12. Russet brown. Cost me just over £300 in the end as I bought underlay and glue too.
  13. Forgot about this. I got the middle range set - Wessex wool. Quality seems good, will fit them when my car returns from its respray.
  14. Looking great Mike! When I put my body back on I hooked up the handbrake cable to the lever before lowering the body down and guided it through the hole. Then all I had to do was manoeuvre the lever in to position and put the four bolts in. Think it'll be tough to get the cable on to the lever with the body on but you may prove me wrong! Keep the pictures coming.
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