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  1. Interesting topic. I pulled all my waist line trim off prior to its respray thinking that I could get some new stuff easily! Looks like I'm wrong. Mine was just a flat rubber strip. SJ don't have any so will have to try lotusbits or that company above.
  2. I've bought a complete carpet set from Coverdale. I'll post a picture up later.
  3. Have you any pictures of the finished trim Richard? This is something I need to do on my car, thanks for the info.
  4. That looks amazing Mike. Puts mine to shame! Am looking forward to seeing your body back on pics in the coming weeks.
  5. You said you wanted to see an S1 Eclat at the next Lotus Festival Dunc! A year should be enough time to restore her.
  6. Was thinking the same Pete.....
  7. Odd wheels on it but otherwise looks ok to me. Has a sunroof which will put some people off.
  8. Am going to jump on this thread, hope you don't mind Mike. Mine goes in for a respray tomorrow and am still worried about getting it done in the original Sable brown. The dark blue looks best IMO but there are a lot of them out there.
  9. That's exactly what I bought for mine. Expensive and I had to cut it down a bit, but it looks good!
  10. I've only got one solenoid on my car too. No idea if it works yet!
  11. Another Ferrari spotted but I've never seen this before.....
  12. Mine goes in for a respray on the 11th so that's me out I'm afraid. A brilliant idea Dunc.
  13. So you went to a classic car show in your Elite? Where's the pictures!!! We love pictures!!! Especially of Elites!!!
  14. Very cool. Don't think I've seen an Excel being restored fully before! Keep the pictures coming.
  15. Good spot! Will pick up a copy tomorrow.
  16. Lotusbits charge 2800, if you can do it cheaper than that the job is yours. Keep the pictures coming, am enjoying reading this thread.
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