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  1. Good advice. Will carry out as many tests as I can before getting a new coil.
  2. I measured the resistance across the coil primary circuit and got about 10 ohms.
  3. My car started to misfire last week and was almost impossible to drive. I replaced the o rings between the carbs and the inlet manifold as well as the rubber things that hold the carbs on. I haven’t over tightened as I’ve been told by several sources that they should be some movement of the carbs. As the carbs were off I removed the distributor to check all was well with that (it’s a 45d). Now ive put most of it back together it won’t start at all! ‘A few pops and puffs of fuel from the carbs (air box is off). what to check????
  4. Is it easy to remove the jets to check for blockages? Or is this a carb strip down and rebuild? My car has developed a mahoosive misfire and I don’t know where to start looking.
  5. Followed a lovely Orange Exige today going through Witham in Essex. Last 3 DMZ I think.
  6. Those washers look wrong too to me (I don't know much!). Thought the washers should be the size of the bushes. Worth checking.
  7. Can someone tell me the torque setting for the sump plug? I can't find it in the manual. Oddly, I can find the torque figure for the gearbox drain plug.
  8. Don’t say that! I’m doing the pin stripes tomorrow!
  9. Good result for you. Don’t suppose you know if it sold to Elite/Eclat owners or not? Or just someone who wanted some trim.
  10. Ok cool. Am happy with it so far. Will see if it remains stuck when I remove the tape tomorrow.
  11. I totally screwed up putting the front section on. Getting it to curve around the front wheel arches seems to be impossible. I’ve still got the section so I might be able to try again and use some glue. ‘Have you done yours? Any tips from anyone else?
  12. One side of my bonnet fails to open today. Is there anything I can do to open it?
  13. Would love a mug! Just checking with the boss to see If I can make this.
  14. Am away from my manual for a few days so can't locate the answer myself. Can someone tell me the fuse rating for the interior fans please? My heater fan stopped working halfway though my journey today. Got to my destination and found the fuse had melted to the plastic fuse holder lid but hadn't blown. ???
  15. I’ve got a 123 on my Elite. No probs so far!
  16. I'm driving to the French F1 GP that weekend too. In the Elite!
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