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  1. My seats have seen better days. Can you buy seat foam inserts that are pre moulded to the correct shape?
  2. Not that I’ve noticed. I’ll have to get the wife to look as I turn or reverse.
  3. 320 I have both sides. I can’t fit my fingers between the tyre and the wheel arch at the front when the wheels are dead straight.
  4. I have Falkens all round in the correct 205 60 14. They seem all right at the mo but haven’t pushed them in any way to find out the limits.
  5. Every time I look at my Elite I think the front suspension has collapsed. I can’t see anything wrong with the components. ‘Any thoughts?
  6. So satisfying when that chassis rolls out from underneath. ‘Am looking forward to watching it all come back together.
  7. We need to see! Becoming a member is cheap, easy and worth it in my opinion.
  8. Well I lost 5th gear on the a12 today which was fun.
  9. That sounds like a cheaper fix! I'll look in to that.
  10. It is! I could live with it but surely that's not how the gearbox should feel.
  11. Anyone had one of the reconed gearboxes from Lotusbits? My gearbox has been "rebuilt" twice in the last 5 years with no use in between. There is no positive gear engagement and I kind of have to guess where the gears are. Cost of a reconditioned one is £1k ex vat but am unsure how much the Labour would be on top of that.
  12. Have been camping in the Esprit before. It’s tight but can work!
  13. Good to see some old faces! And it's good to be back behind the wheel of a Lotus.
  14. I’ll be there for 0830 but will leave at 0900 if that’s ok.
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