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  1. Totally agree with the above. I bought mine in 2010 and it still isn't on the road yet. I'm so excited about getting to drive mine (hopefully in the next 6 weeks) but it may be an anticlimax! We'll see. Keep it.
  2. That sounds right to me. Looking at this picture seems to confirm your thinking too.
  3. Would be interested to know what the drive down was like. Is the Elite a good cruiser?
  4. Hello all! I still have the Elite and am pleased to say it’s nearly finished! Pictures to follow...
  5. esprit s2

    esprit s2

  6. I look at it now and then but that's about it. I will finish it one day that's a promise.
  7. Anyone know how much this went for? going to be selling mine and want to know how to much to put it up for.
  8. I have removed my condenser too Dave and have just bolted the rad in from the bottom. Like you said the rad seems quite stable with the pipes and fans fitted.
  9. Very good night and the fresh air at the end did me good!
  10. Am here a bit early....
  11. I had to burn my bushes out and i believe thats how SJS get them out too!
  12. Looks very nice! The happiness you are feeling now; hold on to it as there will times where you will hate it! Enjoy the restoration and I look forward to seeing your progress. Paul.
  13. Looked good!
  14. Aha. That will explain it then. Looks like a nice, if some what expensive, car!
  15. Whats going on with the number plate on this well known car?
  16. Bibs - Duck, Turkey, Xmas PudLauraMike KimberleyKimbers - Mackerel, Turkey, Eton Messinternets - Pate, Turkey, Xmas pudBuddsyHot TKallibingokingAl.AndrewCadferobioneDave ExcellAnn - Prawn, Turkey, IcesizonaTom JohnAlex JohnCliff - gghc87YasuoChrisJ - Mackerel, Turkey, Xmas PudMalcolmGeraldinePaul (esprits2) pate, Turkey, messDaveKaren
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