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  1. Nice work Mike. Are you going to get lotus bits to rebuild your engine?
  2. It does look pretty awesome! Any more pics of the day?
  3. That is an impressive chassis! Thanks again Herc.
  4. Some progress on the elite and the reason why things are taking so long!
  5. The engine Earth strap: where does it go??? As in where on the chassis does it attach too and where on the block? Me forgot to take photos when I removed.
  6. My 74 Elite has its original chassis too! I've drilled a couple of small holes in those front sections.
  7. Has anyone got a photo of their engine bay wiring please? Specifically the wiring to the starter motor, air on unit and alternator. Mine looks like this and I can't remember where everything goes!
  8. Thanks Tony. Does anyone know if i have to fit the gutter before i fit the side glass or after? Seems to me that once the glass is in it would be hard to rivet the rain gutter on.
  9. Anyway, he has several sets of chrome window surrounds for Elite and Éclat. If you need any, let me know and I will speak to him and see what he wants for them. Kimbers - I'd like a set please!!!!
  10. Am fitting the screen and side glass this week. A little confused about the spacers that SJ supplied me. Any one fitted the glass to their cars?
  11. Enjoyed that too. Have always been a fan of Tiff.
  12. I can beat that! It's my Birthday too today AND I'm married to a Hazel!
  13. Grandprixlegends is only selling the Lotus-Renault stuff from last year. I'll pop in to the lotus shop in London this week and have a look.
  14. Anyone know where I can find some? I can only find last years kit.
  15. Well done buddy! Is that number 3?
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