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  1. I can beat that! It's my Birthday too today AND I'm married to a Hazel!
  2. Grandprixlegends is only selling the Lotus-Renault stuff from last year. I'll pop in to the lotus shop in London this week and have a look.
  3. Anyone know where I can find some? I can only find last years kit.
  4. Well done buddy! Is that number 3?
  5. I'll take a photo of mine later too. Question: how the hell do you get the lever back in and screw it in? The gap is too small to get my hand in.
  6. I'm confused to why you are doing this mate? Have you not got Elite rear quarters?
  7. There is a huge one on the nose at the end!
  8. You are a brave man! Lots of respect to you! Hope all goes well, keep us informed.
  9. Carpets. Anyone bought and fitted the Coverdale carpet set? Having trouble figuring out where all the bits go.
  10. Looks really good Charlie. If I get time tonight I'll post a picture of my carpet set that I have to fit, you might be able to tell me which bit goes where!
  11. I'm going on sunday. Looking forward to it!
  12. Charlie: you are my hero! Am amazed by the quality and speed of your work! Truth be told I'm not a huge fan of the slammed look but the work you've put in to the interior is amazing. Makes me want to finish my car. Keep up the good work!
  13. Happy new year to all!
  14. My thanks too to bibs and Laura. Enjoyed the evening! Sorry i didn't meet for breakfast, i left at 0645 to get back to my fatherly duties.
  15. Excellent news! I'll be leaving here in 15mins so hopefully will be there by 1800.
  16. Thanks Mark. I will go for the standard airbox set up me thinks. Nice and original.
  17. If you do manage to replace the door hinge pin take lots of photos as I need to do mine! Steering rack looks lovely.
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