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  1. We all set off from the Lotus dealer (Williams) with 4 checkpoints to reach on our maps. When we got to the checkpoints we picked 2 random cards and so at the end of the day (a nice hotel) we picked our best 5 cards and played them! Really was a good weekend.
  2. If anyones interested - the Lotus Poker Run that Williams Lotus arranged was a big hit. I had the only Esprit there! Follow the link for pics....
  3. esprit s2

    which esprit

    Has to be an S2, all day long. Or an S1........
  4. Anyone know what used to be here? Don't know if there used to be a plaque of some sort or if it is just someones old Ipod holder markings.
  5. Interesting. That will probably make it easier for me to find tyres then! Better tell Lotus Esprit World that their tyre size page is wrong.
  6. I thought the front tyres should be 195/70/14. I've been looking for a full set of tyres for ages now and can't find a decent match anywhere.
  7. Removed the steering wheel and cowling and you were right, it just needed tightening up. Someone had put 4 zip ties round the column to hold on the stalks and these were loose. Ended up cutting them off. Thanks guys.
  8. Sorry for not posting a pic last night, I forgot it was Valentines Day so thought it best to keep the missus happy and not play with the car. Hopefully will be able to take a pic at the weekend.
  9. Afternoon one and all. My indicator/windscreen wiper stalks have decided to give up on me. When I try to put either of them on, the whole mechanism inside the steering cowl just moves around. Is this fixable or will I need to get a new unit? Can you still get the units? Will post a pic later on this evening when I get home to clarify what I mean.
  10. Hi Matt, Lovely car you're going to have there! I've only been a member here for about a month and there is nothing that the guys on this forum don't know! Look forward to seeing more pics. Paul
  11. Might give that a go then. I hope it doesn't get expensive...... Thanks for your help Paul.
  12. Hadn't thought about the engine mounts, will have to get the manual out and have a look tomorrow after work. If they are worn are they easy to replace Paul or is it a garage job? Thanks for the quick reply! Paul
  13. Hi all, I have a very annoying clonking noise coming from the rear of my car when I'm on bumpy roads. Any clues to what this is? THe obvious fault points towards my rear suspension but thought I'd check here first......
  14. I'm well up for that! Do you know if you can camp over on sunday night?
  15. Am VERY interested in this too. Price, obviously, is an issue but I'd be willing to pay a lot if they are any good.
  16. Is anyone here going to the Lotus Poker Run on the 23rd/24th Feb 2008? Details are below... It will probably be mainly Elises and Exiges but I reckon there will be a few nice Esprits! Should be a laugh. Paul
  17. Thanks guys! The cover I've got hasn't got any press studs on it, so I guess I'm going to have to buy some from somewhere and ask the missus to get sewing! Will keep you informed of my progress and post some pics.....
  18. I got an engine bay tonneau cover for Christmas and have no idea how to fit it as it is just a piece of fabric! Any ideas? Photos would come in handy! Paul
  19. All, I'm from London and live near Wimbledon at the moment. Have spent most of the day trying to fit some new radiator fans (that I got from SJ Sportscars) to my car. Right pain in the a*se but am having fun at the same time. Hope to meet you all soon. Paul.
  20. Hi all, I've had my Esprit S2 for about 6 months now but have only just joined LEF and LEW. Look forward to meeting you guys and girls at some point in the year! Happy motoring! Paul
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