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  1. Thanks Kenny! Have some more updates today that I will post up later.
  2. Having taken my interior trim (cant rails, roll bar covering etc) out about 9months ago to re trim I now can't remember how it goes back together! How does the front trim that goes above the windscreen attach to the car? How does the cant rails attach to the car? ???
  3. 7000 pounds is not a lot of money for a Lotus. I agree with Mark and say why do "we" always talk down the value of our cars? 7000 pounds buys you a 4 year old Ford Focus. We're talking about a Lotus here!!! I would pay 10k for that Éclat if I didn't have my Elite. I have spent WAY more than that on my car and it's not finished yet!
  4. Does that include the type 14 elite too? If you look in the "engine" bit it includes 1200cc cars too.
  5. Nufink. Just need to work out how to get it to you.
  6. No scratches.......errrr.......right. ;-)
  7. I have a manual steering rack if you want it. Nothing else though.
  8. I separated my engine and box on removal but put them back in as one. This is it going back in.
  9. It does look quite impressive!
  10. Yes you're right the b pillars are the cabin venting.....err vents. I just thought there was something to stop leaves/bees/crud getting in to the cabin via these pillar trims.
  11. Oh ok. I was sure there was some sort of foam or mesh. Hoorah, less work! Got the engine back in too at the weekend. Getting there slowly....
  12. Self tappers it is then. B pillars external finisher; what do you fill them with? Foam? A thin sheet or something more meaty?
  13. How is it attached on your car Charlie? Did you use the original clips or something else?
  14. Are the marina type door handles different from car to car, as in esprit, elite, marina? Bought some new ones for my elite but they don't fit very well, they are longer and wider than the ones that came off.
  15. Question: Why use rivets to secure the various pieces of external trim clips and bits when I could use screws? If rivets have to be used then I'm happy to do it, I just thought it might be easier to use self tappers.
  16. I'm not a fan of wings on anything Bruce but it's your car; do what you want!
  17. Got it! Looks fricken amazing. Thanks to Mark at Stocks ( for being a top bloke and keeping me updated through the whole process. Just trying not to scratch it now..... They had a nice Essex in their workshop too.....number 18
  18. Get the car back today! Looking forward to having it back in my garage.
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