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  1. My 74 Elite has the original Phillips RN712 which has fm on it.
  2. Do the lights have to be changed for racing? I thought i read somewhere that if you have pop up lights they have to be removed and replaced with faired in ones.
  3. Putting the engine and gearbox back in is going to be nerve wrecking experience!
  4. It is! Will look good when it's all back together.
  5. Car will be all painted and back with me on Friday. Looking forward to seeing it all done, dreading putting it all back together!
  6. I am impressed by the product to be honest and I might give it a go. Am going to get a quote for the vinyl wrap first and then see from there. Thanks for pointing it out!
  7. £155 ex VAT. £186 with it. Plus shipping......
  8. I got my discs from Paul Mattys I think. They weren't that expensive.
  9. I have pics but I'm going to hold them back for now until its completely done. It looks good!
  10. Sorry Mark....i haven't gone for the original shade now. I don't know why but i changed my mind at the last minute.
  11. Deletion would be my preference too.
  12. I'm amazed by the time and effort you put in to these cars Matt! Looking forward to seeing the outcome of this one.
  13. When I win the £111000000 tonight I'm gonna order myself a new Lotus and may just opt for this option.
  14. Thank god for that! I've done the foam stuff to all my bits and thought that was it, when you started putting your sewn bits on I thought oh bugger, maybe it was just an underlay of sorts! Your material looks WAY better than the foam stuff btw. Keep it up!
  15. So......the original headlining foam; do you have to cover that with your material or could you have just left it like that?
  16. Nice one Charlie! Feel free to pop over to me in Essex and show it off! Would love to see it in the flesh. Have a question: Photo number 4 - what material is that then? Did you then cover this over with your sewing pieces?
  17. Am going up to Norfolk on the 1st to see some action at Snetterton and then having a night out in Norwich with a couple of my mates. Any recommendations on what pubs/bars to go to? We're staying at the maids hotel so quite central.
  18. Looks great Charlie. Question for you: Have you trimmed the piece that goes behind the rear seats and goes around the rear glass panel? I've done all of mine apart from that piece as it can be seen from both inside the car and from the boot area.
  19. esprit s2

    Lotus Elite

    How very dare you!!!!!! Apart from the silly spoiler it doesn't look bad.
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