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    Where do you live? I'm on my way!
  2. Mines for sale! Owned it for 8 years.
  3. Good question. I'll need something occupy my idol mind and hands.
  4. Time has come to sell the Elite. I'll of course be putting adverts on Lotusforsale and a couple of other websites. Just a heads up if anyone is interested on here first. Paul.
  5. Does look like an amazing road trip. Great pictures!
  6. Any of you Elite/Eclat owners have one of these fitted next to your voltage regulator? Mine gets really hot when the engine is running and wondered if this was normal?
  7. Car is running reasonable nicely now but there are some hesitation issues that remain. when I use the strobe light on the timing marks I notice the following: At idle when engine is up to temp the mark on the crankshaft pulley is on the 10degree mark when gentle throttle is applied the timing mark retards to the tdc mark and with further throttle it eventually goes to, where I think, it should. any ideas?
  8. Does it fire up ok from cold? Idle well? Timing issue maybe is what I'm thinking.
  9. Really enjoyed it today and nice to meet new people. Following the other two Elites on the track was brilliant but I struggled to keep up! Sorry I had to shoot off after the parade laps. She wanted me home!
  10. My car is ready to go. A quick polish later on tonight after the kids are in bed. Will be leaving at 0500 so should be there around 0800.
  11. She lives! Timing was out. 🙄
  12. I asked this question several years ago but thought I’d ask again to see if people’s views had changed. If there was one person you could meet on this forum who would it be and why? I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few forum members, mostly at Christmas dinners and summer meets, but there is one forum member I haven’t met and would like to meet, purely to do with their online persona and knowledge. I’ll let others chime in with there preferences first before I tell you mine.
  13. I'll carry out the checks you have suggested when I return home on Friday. I'm in Witham in Essex. Thanks Dunc.
  14. Ignore my last. is there anyway to bypass the starter switch to rule that out? sorry for all the stupid questions.
  15. So I could just change the HT leads on the cap 180 deg each. To see if it fires.
  16. I thought the distributor only fitted on one way. Hang on. I get what you’re saying. There is a timing mark on the pulley right?
  17. Great advice as always guys. Thanks. Just to get things straight as I reassemble again: Timing marks on cam pulleys line up. Crank shaft Mark on the right hand pointer. Distributor slots back in Rotar arm now points at number one HT lead? Rotary arm spins counterclockwise? Firing order
  18. Fuel yes. Defo. Spark yet to be determined. Does having no ignition light (On the dash) mean anything? It worked before.
  19. Thanks to all. Think I've found where it goes.
  20. Where does the other end go? 🤦‍♂️
  21. Borrowed a known good coil and fitted it this morning. Still won’t start. Checked the voltage on the fuel pump, all good. ‘Took the tops of the carbs and there is fuel in there. spark plugs look a little black. think it’s time to get someone round that knows what they are doing!
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