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  1. esprit s2
    Started to tackle the rear suspension last week. I was going to start with the front suspension but as we will be moving house in about 5 weeks I thought I'd start with the easier back bits.
    Took me ages (and a little bit of blood) to get the hub carrier to radius arm bolt/stud out. Going to clean up all the bits, fit new U/Js and bushes and reassemble, hopefully later this week.
    Chassis doesn't look too bad........
  2. esprit s2
    Next on the list was to sort out the brakes. After removing the calipers I gave them a good clean and paint, fitted new pistons, seals and pads. The tricky bit for me was fashioning the new brake pipes.
  3. esprit s2
    I took possession of my '74 Elite back in mid April, she was a non runner but complete. Work started straight away. First job: get it running.

    Gave it a service and changed the belts, bought a new battery and with a little help from my friends got it started.
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