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  1. 9934/78 Orbital (Gel) battery from NAPA. Never a problem.
  2. Yeah, maybe you could post a list of the pipes/hoses, numbers, and where to get them? I'm planning on doing this soon. It would be a huge help. Looks like you guys did a great job!
  4. No one makes the V8 clutch aftermarket. You are looking at $2400. Plus another $900 if the flywheel is wrecked. I have a complete used setup from my car that I'm trying to get remanufactured, but have not got that done yet......
  5. Go to your local NAPA. If they have a mixing system they can make a 1/4 pint for you.
  6. I just lost the Crown Wheel about 2 weeks ago. When it was taken apart, 3 teeth had come off. I had just upshifted to third and was running about 3500rpm (I think). It must have been in the works for some time, I've only had the car 4 months and don't know how the PO drove it.
  7. I just had this problem. I lost 3 teeth on the crown wheel. Unfortunately the teeth ended up getting jammed in the gears ruining 2,3, & 4. I didn't have any warning, just took off normally and when I upshifted to third all hell broke loose. The diff ended up jamming at 45mph. I'd be careful with that thing, it could end up worse than it is now..............
  8. Locked up. Heard (and felt) a loud crack which repeated itself several times before I pulled off. Then the car would not roll forward at all. Rolled backward a little, but seemed to bind up some. The trans is being pulled right now.
  9. I'm just lining things up. I've got a trans issue and since it's out and I'm pretty sure the car has the original clutch (34,000), I'm going to go ahead and replace the friction discs. I see where you can buy them from the dealer, SJ MotorSports, and Ramspott & Brandt. Is there anywhere here in the States? And what is the best place to buy the discs from? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks --Steve
  10. I had it dropped at foriegn accents in Greensboro.
  11. Alright guys, I would wait till the shop looked at it on Monday, but the Lotus brilliance on this site can probably tell me what I don't want to know before then. And it's 75 degrees out, sunny, and I'm kind of pissed. (not that kind, yet) I shifted from 2nd to 3rd (easy, not beating on it) and something let go in the drivetrain. I heard a couple of loud cracks and pulled off. Clutch is fine, and the driveshafts look ok. The drivetrain binds going forward, but you can push it backward. It actually got locked up totally after we pushed it toward the flatbed. They had to drag it up. It rolled off fine at the shop. Ok. Hit me with the answer to my problems, oh wise Lotus guys!!!
  12. Not yet, I've been out of town. Probably Sat. morning. I'll give you guys an update. I still need to get that splitter, everytime I look at that beat up piece of rubber on the nose it pisses me off!
  13. The knob was $101 and the little badge that goes on top was $26. I'll be putting it on tomorrow or Thursday and will let you guys know how it went.
  14. Motor Oil- Mobil 1 15w-50 Gearbox- Royal Purple Syncro Coolant- NAPA full strength Brake Fluid- NAPA DOT 4 So far, so good.......
  15. I just ordered the silver shift knob with the Lotus badge on top from Jeff at JAE. He's got them on order should be in I think by next week? I told him to put my name on one.
  16. I need a new lip spoiler for my 2000 V8. What are my options? Carbon Fibre? I just saw this one on Ebay. Has anyone gotten one of these? Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, I need a new shift knob and have seen quite a few I like with the Lotus emblem on top, where can I find one of these? Thanks y'all!
  17. Welcome. Just put back some money and buy it!!! I'd think about taking you up on that trade, but I think I'll keep mine. I am in the mood for some wings now...........
  18. Dave, a couple things: 1. Tell your mechanice to buy a Corghi Artiglio Master from me. It does all the large high-end stuff. It's only about 16k or so. I'll give him a deal! 2. You could try a Merchant'sTire. The are owned by Sumitomo and you might get a good deal. I believe they make a tire for those rims. 3. I just got my car back from Foriegn Accents in Greensboro. I had the output shaft seal replaced and got a flush and fill on the radiator. I have a lot of confidence on the tech they have there who worked on my car. He's worked on a early 90's one before, plus did plenty of research to make sure he got the cooling system bled right. If you want to give them a try 336-852-4952 & ask for Michael Moriarty. Tell them you know me. I don't know if they are pricey or not since they haven't charged me yet. (I'm hoping I got another freebie!) --Steve
  19. My email is [email protected] It was a blast yesterday getting Dave's and my Lotus out together. I saw Dave's black Esprit about a mile away on the highway before we met up. His car's in great shape. I can't wait to get a whole group of them together!
  20. Hey, if you want to hit Pilot Mtn tomorrow, I'm taking the car out around lunch. It's supposed to be nice. Got to be back by three to get to a Superbowl Party. Steve--336-662-3221
  21. Awesome! I had my toy out last night. Grabbed the "rock star" parking valet spot in front of the event! It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow and Sunday!!!! PS- Go Giants!
  22. Is anyone running Royal Purple in their gearbox? I got home last night and discovered a little puddle under the driver's side. I'm guessing from a lot of the posts it's most likely an output shaft leak on that side. I'll take a closer look this weekend one I get it in the air. I've already ordered the square socket and I guess you call JAE for the seal & oring kit?
  23. Nice to meet you guys. Let me know when your next meeting will be. Count me in. The Lake Norman area would be a fun drive, it's only a little over a hour away. Hopefully we'll get a little warmer weather soon. Taking the car out when it's only 30 degrees is getting old.....
  24. Does anyone have a complete list of OEM or aftermarket part #s? If someone does, I can get all the corresponding NAPA numbers and post them. We should have all of the GM sourced product. (alt, injectors, swithces...) Also, we bought a import parts company and will be carrying some new lines through our stores. Brembo, Valeo, Mann filters, etc.
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