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    Pioneer Sat Nav, BOE CAI, 2Bular Manifolds, Cat and back box, Essex Autosport ECU tune, Powered Dipole FM antenna, Bobsy Racer splitter protector, black bonnet badge, black tail light bezels, retro fitted heated seats.
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  1. I will contact Hese guys tomorrow and let you know how I get on.
  2. I plan to add this as to the readers cars thread on PH so will crosspost back with any updates here too!
  3. Hi All, Has anyone disposed of their old cats? I have a pair of manifolds with cats and the 3rd cat from my old Evora. Do you sell them for platinum recycling or is there a market for stock 2nd hand ones? Some evoras are getting on for 8 years old so may need new ones soon? Cheers Spunagain
  4. Hi All Well it is my last post as the now Ex-owner of my Laser Blue NA. It went to Silverstone a couple of weeks back for SOR and it sold 5 days later. I have had my NA Evora for 5 years now and 33000 of my miles plus the 5k miles it had when I bought it as an ex Lotus management car. Mine was a Dec 2010 car – a Model Year (MY) 2011 with Tech and Sport packs, reversing camera and Pioneer satnav stereo which has been great. My 2 daughters (11 and 14) are could not really fit with us all in the car so it was time for something with a little more room. The car
  5. This is how the process works at Silverstone. There is a fixed SOR fee. SS do an inspection and identify anything that needs doing before sale. This is added to the fee. You agree a sale price and a minimum to go to without needing to be consulted. I went with the price Aimee recommended - prices for Evora have hardened since Christmas. Car goes up for sale On sale the agreed bits are fixed. Silverstone send you sale price minus fee minus fixing costs (which were done at a discound but that may be because I am special ) Silverstones insurance covered the ca
  6. My 37k mile December 2010 NA got picked up today by it's new owner. The photo of the handover on Lotus Silverstone's FB page is one of the best I have seen of the car. Bought for 38k in April 2012 and after SOR fees and some costs to tidy up a couple of bits and bobs - seat runners and drop links. I am taking home 30500. So £7500 depreciation in 5 years or £1500 a year! I was offered 24500 part ex towards the new car. SOR is definitely the way to go! The new owner was tempted out of a Porsche Cayman! Possibly having regrets. But still enjoying the novelty of my new-to-me T
  7. It's priced at the same price as another 2010 NA there but with all 3 packs. Aimee said it is in very good condition, but I have tried to look after it. It was a wrench to drop it off after 5 years, the time went very quickly. An end to 19 years driving a Lotus. Quite excited about the replacement, a very different proposition. 5 seats, more performance and a few more toys. Will post more once I pick it up.
  8. The heated seat wiring on my car was under the carpet under the seats. There was a slit in the carpet and I just needed to pull the wire through the slit. Easy to see when you pullout the seats. Watch out for the wiring to the seat belt sensor wire when taking out the seats. I broke mine and had to fix it.
  9. For me four seats is a must. I transport my daughters in the evora and if it is a 2 seater the I am out!
  10. That's a good point, next time I am under the boot lid I will give the connectors a quick squirt of autosolve as preventive maintenance. Did not think to did it at the time.
  11. Yup: 36000 miles, of which 26k are using either Radium or BOE air filter setups.
  12. Hi All I had noticed the odd time, particularly when the engine was cool that the idle speed was quite low and when disengaging the clutch at highish engine speeds the engine would occasionally stall. Reading threads it looked like the throttle body may be to blame. Talking to Hilly (He of the Audi V8 esprit), he has come across the same symptoms with a VW he had where the carbon build up actually blocked the airflow. So I thought I would have a go and clean the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor while I was at it. First of all tools: Torch to see with, 10mm soc
  13. A couple of weeks ago I had to drive to Dorset to pick up my daughter from a PGL (outward bound course) centre. All the local year 6 kids do this in the 1st week of the Autumn term. She had banged her shoulder badly at the weekend and I needed to take her to Basingstoke to see the Consultant. When I arrived and was parking up I got a spontaneous applause from about fifty 10 to 11 year olds! I also over heard a few "whoa is that a Lamborghini?" Comments. Daughter's shoulder was fine and had her back for the afternoon activities. Nice 360 mile road trip and the Evora did not miss a beat.
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