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  1. John, Just go under the guise of International Poolboy.... works for me...
  2. Paul, Quite humourous...I too had the same issue. I have a Federal 1994 S4 and could not get the mod to work. I ended up having to install a series of diodes between the main beam and dip beam relays. My car has the early S4 wiring harness. Never did quite figure out why mine was different than all the other Federals. Unfortunately Paul I am far away from my car but I can try to find my original electrical schematic that I had to design to make it work. Christopher
  3. I agree about the less flying thing Sparky..that and more days spent at home this year, which ever one I pick at the moment. Also resolve to spend time enjoying life...
  4. Paul, Great least we know you are not a vampire as you are working in the daylight. Amazing turnabout from the original photographs. Always amazes me the amount of corrosion I see on some of the cars due to environment.
  5. Roger, Good bit of news and a great way to begin the new year. Hope the surgery goes well as does the recovery... ( you still know someone will crack a joke about how you can now run back to pick up the wing that fell off your car ) Glad to hear. I know it has been a long road...
  6. Merry Christmas to all ! Hope that everyone has a Joyous and Happy one ! I see Matt is putting a little bit of the Bronx in Chet....too funny !!!!! Kimbers should be lucky that the only thing he lost that nite was his Hat...
  7. So I gave this quite a bit of thought... It is a question that brings you back to primer school. The time when you were allowed to invite a certain number of friends over for a birthday party. You have a list of many but are allowed only a few. Having the good fortune to travel around the globe, I have had the pleasure of meeting quite the number of TLF members...My list is of many I would want to meet up with...however the three I have not met but would enjoy meeting for a variety of reasons would be... Number three... Simon350S ( though I have been warned by a very reliable source. ) Number two...... CHANGES ( to just listen to and converse with him about what he has done with his 910 engine and other his other ideas and projects he has implemented.) ...and the person I would most like to meet here on the forum is... Number one..... Eriks4 ( the creator of Espritmon to learn how to achieve the most out of this programme. One I feel is much more user friendly and far more features than Freescan. In addition Erik has been nothing but unselfish in his time and knowledge at sharing his insight into the control module workings of the 4 cylinder ECU and ABS systems and assisting in helping all out that ask with no hesitation.)
  8. Mine, with engine in and running... interior repaired...the paint matching...and my Christmas present to myself installed... But what do I know...Santa has a difficult time locating me...
  9. Andy, My father had a plaque on his desk that read... " a clean desk is the sign of a cluttered mind " If you reach the point that you can no longer move about then time for a thorough cleaning...
  10. General rule for US military is Officer and Enlisted are not allowed to date. Enlisted ranks can date on another as can Officers of any rank date another Officer. Also if you are a defense contractor that owns the company you are not allowed to date any Officer nor Enlisted person associated with that contract. Does it happen ? ...don't ask don't tell
  11. Looking towards the post Christmas gathering in Tarrytown NY. on the 28th of December 2011 at 6:30ish in the evening. Will be a great time to begin discussion on organizing a spring TLF gathering in the New York area. Everyone enjoy their holiday !
  12. One that Robert took in front of the Barn
  13. KImbers...I guess they both have to do with shooting...of sorts. So while you all are enjoying an evaporative pint...I will be in an athletic facility of the downfalls of doing what I do...
  14. Badged here in the States as a Saturn SKY and a Pontiac Solstice. Both considered hairdresser cars here.
  15. ...and here I thought I could get him some mechanical tools for Christmas as opposed to a single malt whiskey... With original topic in mind I had almost 80,000 miles on mine before the dealership fiasco. Prior to that I had strong compression on all four cylinders and unlike many on here I read about, my oil pressure was always good. During the engine rebuild I replaced the main bearings not because they needed to be rather to do it while it was stripped down. I also believe it is how you care for it. I have a work vehicle that has 300,000+ miles in 7 years that still runs fine. I am to understand ( correct me if I am wrong ) that the coolant jackets were improved on the S4 and S4s engines.
  16. Though some of us had our paths crossed due to prior commitments it was great once again to catch up with all. I had to chuckle in the photograph of Bob and myself. I believe we were in discussion about composite construction and repair. I swear I have no Italian in myself, but every photograph I seem to be explaining a lot with my hands... Robert and Chris it was wonderful to have your hospitality...I enjoyed your home...very welcoming and comfortable...was great to see Matt after he recovered from his migraine. Always great to share experience with others that own older homes. Bob and Patti wonderful chatting and laughing thru the day. I now have to investigate that lifting technique to see if it is adaptable to an S4. ( sorry to have mentioned such wording in a Wedgeheads ) Each and every time we all gather it is a fun time...and I learn more an more about the G cars... Look towards a gathering post Holidays. My travel should be almost back to normal by then. Art it was great chatting and catching up on the phone as we had missed each other by mere minutes. Probably a good thing as it would have made you later than you needed to be. Robert the offer of assistance anytime I am in the area is an open offer. I am jealous of your garage...brings true meaning to barn finds...
  17. A few years back I had the opportunity to tour a similar wind turbine. My client, The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community has one on the reservation to assist in power demand for their casinos. I can tell you that there is much up in the nacell to catch fire. Still fascinated by the means of getting to the nacell straight up 300 feet. Fun experience.
  18. Roger, There are numerous reference books on this subject. One of the better ones I have read is Engine Cooling Systems by Ray T. Bohacz . He covers theory, design, and performance. A pressurised system allows the coolant an additional 3 degrees Fahrenheit for each pound of pressure above the boiling point of 212 degrees Fahrenheit ( sorry for the lack of conversion today...long work day already ) . A nonpressurised system will not necessarily run hotter than a pressurised system ; however a nonpressurised system will overheat faster than a pressurised coolant system. Especially when in high altitude driving, as the pressure cap compensates for the reduction of atmospheric pressure. Also the pressurised system at the coolant pump inlet reduces the possibility of cavitation damage to the water pump. As per reference to the radiator. The radiator has no concept of pressurised or nonpressurised coolant. Its only function is to remove heat from the coolant. Though you are correct in the fact that a pressurised system allows higher temperatures so the radiator will transfer the heat to the air quicker because of the temperature differences. ( which rely upon the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics ) The design size of the radiator has more to do with the engineered engine power, anticipated road speeds, loads, and additional tasks ( whether it be near an aircon condenser emitting its own heat or has transmission or oil cooling capacity ) rather than the pressure. Which does plays a minor roll in the size of the radiator but the increased pressure forces the design to have to be stronger. A bit off subject however, in reference to allowing less expensive manufacturing, in the 1970's the Germans and the French began to use an aluminum core radiator with plastic header and collector tanks. This allowed lower weight less expensive materials, and allowed more complex designs to fit in the ever changing face of the automobile. Bit of automotive trivia. The first pressurised radiator cap was used on a 1939 Buick by John Karmazin from GM's Harrison Radiator Division. I happened to do quite a bit of research on this subject because when my Esprit is back I will be using Evans NPG+ coolant in both the engine coolant system and the chargecooler system. Hope this helps...probably will create a large discussion though
  19. Quite honestly the Freescan manual seems somewhat vague. I still prefer to use Espritmon as it is graphics rather than spreadsheet based. So much easier to pick up visually on an issue as you can watch and compare in real time. Also on the later model 4 cylinder Esprit's there is the ability to access the ABS systems.
  20. Ah and see for french I would have picked Le Sirene in Soho. Reasonable and quaint. But I also had an apartment for a decade in the East Village so I can be biased at
  21. Due to NBA issues and a complete collapse of my schedule I will be unable to attend. I have PM Laura last week and she knows I have a stand in to take my Sorry I am to miss this but will try to arrange another visit somewhere along my travels. Enjoy....
  22. cjtpb13


    Though I do not get to use my heating systems as often as most I actually use 7 day programmers. So I can set the unit to lower temperature when I am not there, maintain temperature while I am there for the weekend. This allows me the ability to then have the unit to increase the heat prior to my arrival. I use the Insteon system to control my house and the heating systems. One is a oil burner forced air system, the others are boiler and non adjustable radiators. Now in the summer with the aircon it is much easier to leave on 24/7 at desired temperature as it takes too much to get the 98%+ humidity out.
  23. For bonding materials of any type to fiberglass for a secure bond Plexus MA550 Methacrylate Adhesive is the correct product to use in the composite industry. It will allow stainless steel, aluminium, carbon fiber, aramids, fiberglass, lexan, perplex, all types of steel to be bonded together. Primarily it is used to bond composites and structural components together. It can be submersed underwater with an expected life of about 20 years. Just in case you are thinking of making a submarine... Draw backs are that it requires a special application gun called a Plexus gun that is calibrated to the correct mixing ration
  24. Handicapped from the neck above....and to clarify...was it a shoplifter with a knife or had they shoplifted the knife?
  25. Too early in my opinion too...however reality drifted the end I had almost a foot of snow...
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