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  1. While in the process of installing all new radiator and chargecooler hoses I by chance happened upon what can be seen in the attached image. It appears over time something on the engine has worn partially thru the speed sensor harness for the right rear wheel speed sensor. The harness was in the factory location secured with the tabs. I ultimately cleaned the exposed areas with electronic cleaner and wrapped heat shrink tubing around the chafed area. After that I then placed the complete speed sensor harness in split loom to further protect it. When the engine goes back in I will see what I believe to have been the cause. A diagnostic nightmare diverted...
  2. Having had the honour and pleasure of sharing a cup of tea with him and Steve in their workshop I pass along my thoughts and prayers to all. I still have my F1 Lotus Racing patch that Nick gave to me as a gift... Each and every time I look at it placed on my desk I can recall those several hours of listening to Nick's great story telling. Always intrigues me on how we each have come to the paths of our lives as we have...and Nick's story is an interesting one to say the least...and I feel blessed our paths crossed... May the family enjoy the memories of many years past...I know I will enjoy mine of that cold evening, sharing a grateful hot tea amongst the smell of leather and watching Nick at his profession... Christopher
  3. Having been forced to use fuel with 10% ethanol for at least the last decade or so I would not worry too much. I have 319,000 on my one vehicle ( the Sparky and Chris(t) taxicab ) and in 8 years of its life it has had 10% ethanol for half of its life. No major issues of any kind with any of the fuel systems. The Lotus has had about 40,000 miles of running with 10% ethanol. NO major issues with any of the fuel system. I had noticed that the vapor canister clear tubing has begun to deteriorate. However I feel this is more a 16 year old item in a very warm engine bay issue. The one downside of the fuel is the lower fuel economy. If you ask Sparky or Internets why that is of concern with my one truck they will gladly tell you.
  4. John, I would think a good set of booster cables would be sufficient for what you are attempting to do. Rig yourself a simple starter relay switch, similar to what use to come with the ( you are going to laugh at me now ) the old fashion timing strobe lights. ( said like a person who has all ECU motor cars ). Just have Sue help hold down the engine....( just kidding Sue !!! ) Glad to hear that all the valves appear to be far seems like you have dodged the bullet...
  5. John, Enjoy the S4. Lovely cars they are. Bit of advice for the Chargecooler plug kit. You might find that you need to get a slightly larger 'o'ring than what is supplied.
  6. John, Hope that all is well and that pulling the engine was not too daunting of a task. Did Sue help ? Will keep an eye on this thread for updates...tell Sue I said hello
  7. Sparky, Do you collect space programme memorabilia ?
  8. Downtown in the heart in the original square. Interesting to go view the Ruins that the Spanish built on top of. I am there at least 6 times a year. I stay at the Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico. Excellent views of the square and a great breakfast on the rooftop. Also interesting to walk into the Cathedral of the Assumption and view the Ruins through the floor while standing on thick glass flooring.
  9. John...Still LMAO !!! Seriously you need to make it out to the East Coast one of these days.
  10. Nice. Bibs a 23' is a great starter boat. Sorry to hear no plasma. 12 VDC or 24 VDC operation? 4' on the draft. What is the beam? I have a little over 18'2" on my beam and only draft 4'6". You sure on the draft ? Just curious.
  11. Bibs, Marine style SatNav aerial. The crank handle Roger speaks of is actually the UHF/VHF aerial mast mount. It was used to lower the aerial for transport. The mount has been designed so that the cable goes thru the mount and hull into the cabin. Which tells me the boat is less than 38' LOA and no more than 8' beam.( at least in the US ) Usually you will find fixed mast posts on larger boats. I take it that the SatNav system is not installed in the boat ?
  12. It doe not surprise me in the least too see a Mercedes G-wagen on the list. I had one for a period of time in the early 2000's. All I can say is what a rust bucket. Plus it did not hold its value well either.
  13. Peter as along with everyone else I am glad to hear all is good with your family. Close call it seems I think I wold rather deal with the after effects of a flood or hurricane than a fire. So much seems to be lost during an event like that.
  14. I too will agree...Looks great Paul. Still funny for me to not see the federal side markers because I am so use to seeing them. Makes the front end appear longer...
  15. Bibs great work...Too Funny !!! lol...reminds me of " Star Wars " Now if I could only get the engine in like that ! David to answer your question it is on a pallet jack system and can be rolled on any concrete or tarmac surface. The complete weight of the lift is a shade over 1,700lbs ( 121 stone if I recall ). I can actually move the unit ( unloaded of course ) around with one hand. Now I did have the main post modified to allow the unit to go through a garage door. The lift column is approximately 8 ft 6 inches in height from the ground. So I had a local welding/fabrication shop cut the main post ( yes thus voiding the warranty...oh well ) so that it can tilt over on a hinge and then placed back up and pinned. Thus allowing the lift to use the tracks. the post does not lift, rather the piston and a chain like I have never seen before. When I am back at my Maryland house I can take a few more pictures if your interested. As you can see it lifts it up to the bottom of the car a bit over 6 ft in height. I looked at a two post portable system but you had to anchor the posts...did not seem portable to me...hence how I discovered this one. Andy...just read your line..took me a few moments as I am exhausted from travel....hahaha!!!
  16. As I mentioned, in Dave Freeman's thread on his acquiring a 4 post lift thread, I had purchased a portable single post lift, then been waiting for a month for me to pick it up when I had a free day out of my travelling. Well finally picked it up and dropped it off to the welders to have a modification done to it for garage accessibility. Well after a bit of assembly and testing I have decided I am pleased with it meeting all my criteria. Decided, since I did not need to sell it to keep my mid rise scissors lift and eventually will move that up to my Connecticut garage for work in the Tri State Loti region. And yes, I pushed it to see what would did not tip over...LOL!
  17. Peter, Looks fantastic. Sounds great too! Where was your mechanics assistance this time?
  18. Chris, I have to agree with Sparky and Trevor, and not just because I almost did Sparky in with a glass of Knob Whiskey...LOL ! Seriously though, There is much to benefit from by selling up as opposed to upgrading. I finally had the chance to sit in an earlier car. Still am amazed at even how much the S4 is different...from the electrics to the seating...with comparison to your current car. Yes, I believe that getting a newer one you will be back into the fiddling around with minor issues and such. However that is also the part of joy of owning older supercars. If I could not fiddle around but just drive I would be utterly bored with my Lotus. Though I do have the tendency to go to some extremes. Having never driven a GT3 I can imagine it is quite the car.
  19. Auto Safety Glass Turn signals The fuse Windscreen wipers ( for those of you in more rainy climates )
  20. John, Have you been watching too much " Doomsday Preppers " on the National Geographic channel again ?
  21. Also there is a rather quick test to check the battery. Take your voltmeter and first take a reading of your voltage from the positive terminal and negative terminal of the battery. Then without starting the car turn on all ignition items, lights, radio, fans, etc for 1 minute. turn everything off and check the voltage again. There should be no more than a 10% drop. Also while car is running not only check the voltage from positive to ground on the battery as you did but also check from the B+ terminal of the alternator and negative terminal of the battery. This eliminates any wiring issue from alternator, starter, battery circuit. One point of fact that seems to be a myth abound in automotive electrics...while the car is running, the electrics does need a battery in the system to assist in evening out the voltage. However it cares not if it is a good battery or a bad battery at that point...only that it can " smooth out " the current. The battery being weak only shows itself when it is used in attempt to start the car. Generally caused by a weak cell or broken connection inside the battery. Even brand new batteries can have an issue. So the battery main use in a car is to store energy to be used to start the car and then has a minor role in " smooth out " the voltage in the car. To actually explain it in full would take about 15 typed pages. However you can find online a fairly decent beginners tutorial on automotive electrics
  22. Just do not drink the iKoolAid.... Oh meant to tell Felix his ears must have been ringing as we were talking about him. Felix all in goodness...discussing making trip north to visit once you are back in Canada. I figure that you are only about a days travel away from CT... Oh and is your arm still sore from being twisted on the attempt by Walter to get you guys up to the Lime Rock racetrack for a bit of fun? Just remember.... WWID what would internets do
  23. Was a great dinner...and an all around vote that the M25 traffic is far worse...though Art and Nadine ( who had to turn around because of the NJTP being at a complete standstill ) might disagree... Great to have met back up with Gary and Chris(t) once again. Also a great pleasure to have met Tracy in person. Sparky I will remember the list and also add a few other bits in as well...Look for a package soon... For Chris we must get a bottle of that special Colorado whiskey to you. That way every time you pour an evaporative shot of it to Sparky you can just begin with the laughter... I am sure someone will post a few pictures soon...hahaha
  24. When I had my first clutch replacement done I too had a similar issue. I then proceeded to adjust the clutch pedal and the slave cylinder linkage to the Lotus Service Notes specs and all worked well til the next clutch was needed
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