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  1. John, LOL...very good though...few items off... As many will attest on here, it would more likely be a chocolate milk in hand rather than a fine malt whiskey... As for caviar...only fish roe I enjoy is on sushi... And it would be great if you did take the above hint from Matt...With this group you would always have a place for you and upper management to stay during your visit. See all later today...I am unpacking and winding down my day
  2. Charles, Congratulations. Welcome to the TLF and many happy smiles of driving. Being the adoptee of the WedgeHeads group I will let you know it is a plethora of S1 information ( though I have to admit some are learning a thing or two about the later cars ). I personally believe you have found the best Lotus site for technical information and friendship. Many a person on this site are people I consider friends and I have met up with many on a regular basis locally and worldwide. Enjoy. Christopher ( cjtpb13 )
  3. Roger that. See you then. I land in about 4 hours myself...Sitting in the comforts of 1st class at the moment... Funny about the time...if you are of a military family here in the US everything is done on the 24hr clock...less confusion... Will have the Donkey, Camels and the two of the many Kings of Tri State Loti ready to greet you upon arrival...
  4. Bibs, achievement well deserved...
  5. Interesting article. In my circumstances the doctors missed it even though I had given them the early symptoms.. They accounted the symptoms off to other things...fatigue, stress, and others associated with the amount of travel and work I do. Finally discovered due to the fact that my doctor ( also a client ) knew I was not the type of person to complain. I could of had my hand half cut off and I would want it sewn back on so I could get back to work. So after I had complained about the pain from September to December the finally did a specialised bone scan. That began a long 3 and a half year journey... However it is so true...especially with us men...we have the tendency to place blinders on health issues it seems...Hell I still do it at times !
  6. cjtpb13


    ha ha ha ! I always enjoyed the one with the cat waking up the owner...
  7. Safe travels... See everyone on the 8th. I will be arriving back in the US the previous nite. Sparky we will get there early and meet you in international arrivals area. Be great to see you and Chris again and meet Tracy in person..
  8. It usually is...however I feel a need to attempt to make it work...
  9. Thanks for the upload. Will be nice to see a BRG S4 in this years camera shots...
  10. In my case more of my issues seemed to arise due to the dealership work and repairs. It was quite interesting to actually see several dealerships and specialist in the UK during my travels. Oh what a difference in comparison from the UK to the US. From the moment you walk into the door to how your Lotus's are serviced. I had more " oh that will work, even though it is not correct " work done on my Esprit by a Lotus dealership. Even comments on how the Lotus service notes were outdated and wrong. The PO had lots of work done at a " Lotus Specialists " and that work was just as bad. I have the tendency, when I have the time, to do things myself only because I know they will be done correctly and following the service notes. I never had any Load Of Trouble...moments, til after the Lotus Dealer did their repair work. I still find it amazing their attitude when they were called out on their shoddy work too... So, as I do agree with Sparky that many of the issues arise from owners that want to find a shortcut around an expensive fix there are also Lotus dealers and specialists that do the same thing.
  11. As I might be at Matt's by then meeting with him if our original plans hold. If need be I will be in the Avalanche and we can both meet you at JFK and plenty of room for 5 adults and any luggage you have. Oh and I can place Chris's cross on the roof rack
  12. So currently we have: Gary and Tracy Chris(t) 1) Christopher 2) Matt 3) Robert and Christine ( Robert with mud on his shoes ) 4) Bob and Patty 5) Wes Fredericks 6) Water Irvine ( Skip Barber's Racing school Lotus contact ) Nice !!! 7) Jon Isherwood ( possible ) 8) Art and Nadine if their flight arrives early enough
  13. So is there a date we should keep in our calendars for coffee ?
  14. Have you moved up in the rankings ? Or better yet...the courier finally arrived and you are that much closer to having your morning coffee...which I know you enjoy...
  15. John, Thanks for those titles...hey actually sound like a great read. I too will have to download them unto my Kindle. Was at Bob and Patty's today having lunch and chatting in Bob's garage. Sounds like there is a good chance of Patty trying to make it. Bob will keep us updated. I will update the list during the day tomorrow...
  16. The price I pay for writing on BlackBerry...however I must say it is always fun to watch the TLF'ers roll with it...Been LMAO ever since... spend waaaaaaay too much time at your computer ! Where do you find this stuff !?!
  17. Reminds me of years ago when I had a similar situation having a unifence tablesaw delivered. The courier claimed they had been there but could not get down my driveway. When I asked them how the moving vans managed to get down and even turn in the circle ( so no backing up ) how come they could not ? Needless to say I eventually drove 2.5 hours to go place the tablesaw in my truck. Then had 5 of my buddies help unload it when I returned. Bibs it is nice being able to work from home with no worries. Yet it is still annoying having to loose freedom of flexing that schedule when you are waiting for someone.
  18. Though fuel prices are not as high here in the US ( at least I think not due to filling up around the world ) to many that never travel they are however. I watched the other day a lady who could only add $5usd to her tank. I watched her pump in less than 2 gallons...then I thought how fortunate I was as my Land Rover took over a $100usd in the tank. I also found this interesting of the US, the differences throughout the counties of the US. Amazing to see the areas of difference.
  19. John, Unfortunate situation. However I am glad to hear that you were not driving at the moment...What mekes it even more frustrating for you I imagine is that you have done all to keep up on the maintenance cycles. Best of luck and will be following the progress as well... Otherwise I do hope that all is finding all of you well..
  20. ...well you do know I try my best to keep their Holy Water circulating !...
  21. Chris the best way to trace this is to begin at the headlamp. Check the earth first to ensure it is fine. You know you have low voltage step is to check the relay on both the input and the output side. Work from your " device " and go back toward your " source " ( the battery ). If need be Chris I can ring you on your mobile number
  22. first thought was how big was the speed bump Nicki went over !?!
  23. We have an additional out of town guest. Spark has informed me that Christ ( internets ) will be joining us. Be great to see Chris again too.
  24. After the dealership overheated my car the thermostat stuck open causing a similar issue. Yes if running too cool it will allow it to run rich...
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