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  1. Hello everyone, I'm having troubles with replacing the lower ball joints on my S1. They are fitted on the lower wishbone so the hardest part is done however.... The new ones supplied by SJ came with a nyloc nut which I can't get to fully lock on the car.... Once the nut reaches the nyloc the whole pivot /bolt, whatever you call it, starts to spin inside the ball joint and it won't go any lower and reach full position /make contact. No way I could get it at the correct torque either. Please see attached photo, this is as far as i was able to go before the pivot started
  2. Found thanks to Giorgio67. Also thanks to Paul Coleman for the help.
  3. Hi everyone, #173G is currently undergoing a partial restoration. As I was inserting a new stud, the passenger side L/H Rear Hub Carrier literally split. I'm therefore looking for a replacement. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  4. I hope you find another one soon, good luck in the search.
  5. Awesome, love the Persuaders.
  6. New video of the Range Rover driver being beaten on the ground...seems to be the end part of the beating(???)
  7. ....that or someone stuck a late S1 / S2 steering wheel on Anthony's car at some point. (????)
  8. Paul my steering wheel is exacly like the one in the first photo (the first bigger crash pad model like yours) and my car is further down the line #173 with no central ashtray ( but still a gelcoat car). I'd say Lotus inconsistency once again.
  9. Someone posted the following on liveleak : (Scary, imagine being caught in a similar situation in a timeless classic..) "As a trucker that would deliver in north jersey and New York I am familiar with these gangs. I can hopefully clarify a few things. First the initial "accident" is part of a game they play. They ride in a huge group and will operate together to slow down traffic. Next they pick out high end vehicles targeting people with families in them, the targets will usually be white or Asian. Then one of the riders will do a "brake check" and stop suddenly in front of the target
  10. "It sounds great". Lots of pedestrians giving it a thumb up. "Wow an esprit, it must be very quick?" "My son would love to see it , he's a car nut ...." A few jealous looks , but 99% of the time, reactions are extremely positive.
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