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  1. My 84 Turbo has colour coded bumpers. I masked them up and sprayed them with satin black Plasti-Dip to see what they'd look like before committing to paint. Gratuitous piccy below Did those little corners in front of the door quarter panel and mirrors too. I much prefer this look, and getting them sprayed properly off the car in satin black. Waayyy easier than wrapping. I wouldn't consider Plasti-Dip to be a permanent or hard wearing solution, but cheap and easy to give it a go, and If you don't like it, it peels off in large sheets.
  2. I tidied mine up using a heavy duty peel and stick heat shield. Think I bought a 1m x 1.5m roll and had some left over. Looks pretty good in my opinion. Just be careful applying it - when it's stuck, it's stuck!
  3. Question about the fuel caps there Fabian - Are the early and later interchangeable? Not too keen on the locking ones, and looking at swapping mine for the earlier smooth ones.
  4. Thanks for confirming I'll let the windscreen guy get on with his bit, and I'll sort the trim myself at a later stage.
  5. Hi Folks - Getting my windscreen replaced and have ordered new windscreen trim in case the old gets mangled on removal. When replacing the windscreen, does the cant rail trim need to be removed and replaced too? Would rather order it now instead of discovering I need it and have to wait another three weeks or so for delivery. Anyone had a windscreen replaced recently and can advise?
  6. Well done on taking the plunge and getting her sorted I'm equally guilty - Mine's been sitting for more than 6 years. But..... Booked in on the 18th to a specialist to be recommissioned! I have come to the same conclusion, it's really gonna hurt the wallet - have no doubt about it, but looking forward to getting some enjoyment out of my Esprit again.
  7. That's the original steering wheel. They all look like that after a while (well mine did anyway). I prefer the one fitted to the S2 JPS, but hang on to the other one for originality's sake.
  8. markt

    Backdating an S3

    Very nice Great colour choice and good on ya for rescuing the poor thing
  9. markt

    "burglar protected" stickers

    Yip - Used to paying over the odds to get anything shipped over here. Imagine how we laugh and laugh when I get a box of bits from SJ and the likes sent over Got your PM thanks - Have replied.
  10. markt

    "burglar protected" stickers

    I'd like a set too Please PM me some payment details and a bit extra for postage.
  11. markt

    V8 Esprit Engine Blocks - Brand New!!

    Would love one too, but the shipping on that would be hilarious
  12. markt

    lovely 1987 HC for sale

    Look like Work Wheels VSXX's to me. Had a set on an MR2. Was thinking of same thing for my Esprit, but now I'm not so sure...
  13. markt


  14. Fantastic stuff George! Better content and production value than some of the tripe served up by Discovery channel in my opinion. If I was a corporate I'd be throwing some sponsorship your way. Unfortunately I'm a (poor-ish) self employed contractor. You have however, inspired me to get mine out from under it's cover this morning, push it outside and gave it it's first wash in three years. Started a list of things that need doing. Reckon I'll ease into it, pull the seats and start on the interior this weekend. Best of luck with your series, and will be following with interest
  15. markt

    Advice on buying sight unseen

    How across the ditch and keeping an eye on TradeMe? esprit&searchbar=1&generalSearch_keypresses=18&generalSearch_suggested=0&generalSearch_suggestedCategory= They do pop up occasionally. I bought mine back again sight unseen a few years ago. Brave or dumb, dunno. Money will need to be spent regardless.