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  1. I achieved excellent results using black Hammerite spray paint when I refinished all the panels and engine lid on my 84 turbo. Different model I know, but the texture and finish is a great match to the original. Can throw up a pic or two if amyone's nterested.
  2. Another vote for Plasti-Dip here. Cheap and cheerful way to see if you like the look of it and easy to revert back if you don't. Did the bumpers on my TE years ago, and still holding up perfectly well.
  3. Nice! I have been similarly guilty in the past leaving mine to sit while life got in the way. Got as far as getting it up and running again, but currently resting for winter. Looking forward to moving when finished building and will finally have a decent space to tackle all those other jobs I've been meaning to do over the past 20+ years of ownership. Good luck and following with interest 👍
  4. Results are incredible - Amazing attention to detail that's definitely paid off Question - How did you recut the panel gaps?
  5. With wedge shaped magnificence on the cover Haven't got my copy yet, but looking forward to reading our new best mate Harry Metcalfe's tale. My new desktop picture below -
  6. Welcome - from a current Esprit and former X1/9 & MR2 GT owner 🙂
  7. After an eight week COVID-19 shut down, imagine my surprise when it started first time. What was supposed to be a quick round the block ended up a two hour drive in the countryside Photo to mark the occasion. Good car!
  8. Does look radically different to the Domestic / Rest of World covers and engine bay surrounds. @kalypso - Nice example you've found there. Assuming it's in good shape mechanically, you can enjoy the car now and sort the details as you go. Get it bought
  9. Well done I assume you bought it back? Get a restoration thread going - Looking forward to seeing it brought back to life.
  10. markt

    Piston Heads

    I did smile when I saw that article, and all very positive comments so far. Mine's 2 years older but exactly the same spec
  11. Post up a photo of your control panel, but there should be a tiny flathead screw on the side of the small round fan knob, unscrew and pull off. For the larger rotary dials for temperature, there's something similar on the sides which you need to press with a small jewellers screw driver to release, then they should just pull off. Couple of screws behind where the knobs went attaches the graphics panel, and that's simple enough to remove. All in theory - mine where epoxied on by a PO at one stage, so first time I needed to get to the panel, I had to use brute force and break 'em off. New graphics panel and knobs tidied that up quite nicely.
  12. Looking lovely I read that thread on the weekend. The state of the frame Absolutely shocking! Was beyond saving in my opinion - hope, sheer determination (and some serious welding skills) were the only things that brought that back. I'd have been looking at a replacement frame - no doubt about it. Thanks for that barnfinds link @williamtherebel Looked pretty good for the money, although would need full recommissioning. Reading the comments section, sounds like a dealer snapped it up to turn a profit. Can't be too many 7000 mile DMC's about, will be keeping an eye out.
  13. Keep the ride height, change the wheels back to original (or maybe even a set of Rotiform's in a decent offset), interior back to original black, remove side badge and done! That'll do me nicely
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