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  1. That's the original steering wheel. They all look like that after a while (well mine did anyway). I prefer the one fitted to the S2 JPS, but hang on to the other one for originality's sake.
  2. Backdating an S3

    Very nice Great colour choice and good on ya for rescuing the poor thing
  3. "burglar protected" stickers

    Yip - Used to paying over the odds to get anything shipped over here. Imagine how we laugh and laugh when I get a box of bits from SJ and the likes sent over Got your PM thanks - Have replied.
  4. "burglar protected" stickers

    I'd like a set too Please PM me some payment details and a bit extra for postage.
  5. V8 Esprit Engine Blocks - Brand New!!

    Would love one too, but the shipping on that would be hilarious
  6. lovely 1987 HC for sale

    Look like Work Wheels VSXX's to me. Had a set on an MR2. Was thinking of same thing for my Esprit, but now I'm not so sure...
  7. markt

  8. Fantastic stuff George! Better content and production value than some of the tripe served up by Discovery channel in my opinion. If I was a corporate I'd be throwing some sponsorship your way. Unfortunately I'm a (poor-ish) self employed contractor. You have however, inspired me to get mine out from under it's cover this morning, push it outside and gave it it's first wash in three years. Started a list of things that need doing. Reckon I'll ease into it, pull the seats and start on the interior this weekend. Best of luck with your series, and will be following with interest
  9. Advice on buying sight unseen

    How across the ditch and keeping an eye on TradeMe? esprit&searchbar=1&generalSearch_keypresses=18&generalSearch_suggested=0&generalSearch_suggestedCategory= They do pop up occasionally. I bought mine back again sight unseen a few years ago. Brave or dumb, dunno. Money will need to be spent regardless.
  10. I was pretty sure it was off a Jag XJ6. a bit of googling later and looks like I was close. Off a TR7/8 it seems. See here Or google TR7 interior light - Rimmer Bros sell them
  11. Is that an S3 I see?....

    A mate of a mate is one of the founding members of Weta. I'll see if I can out more. As far as the the Esprit goes, I don't think it would have been modified before Weta got hold of it, but will ask the previous owner when I get the opportunity.
  12. Is that an S3 I see?....

    Thought I'd chip in on this thread. I was speaking to the previous owner of the Esprit featured in Ghost in the Shell a few weeks ago at the New Zealand Classic Car Show in Auckland. Turns out, he's the president of Club Lotus NZ and he sold his Esprit Turbo to Weta Workshop in Wellington. They built the car and all the props used in the movie. A large part of the movie was also shot in downtown Wellington. The previous owner has a stunning V8 Esprit and I spent a bit of time talking to him about it as I've just made some room in my garage and giving a V8 some thought. Hope this clears up the origin of the car somewhat.
  13. tribute to the type 79

    You're welcome Geert My day job is designing and producing motoring magazines, so I had most of the material on file. Recognizing typefaces and a quick search on came up with the rest. I use Adobe InDesign mostly (my Illustrator skills are very rusty), and traced and re-created the '5' as I couldn't find a close enough font after a quick search. If you want, PM me a hi-res photo of your Esprit 2.2 decal with some dimensions and I can redraw it for you. It's based on Eurostyle font, so easy enough to create. Cheers - Mark
  14. tribute to the type 79

    Here you go mate - had a bit of free time. See PDF attached Personally, I'd stay away from wraps, they don't have a comparable or good enough high gloss finish in my opinion. I found a Type 80 in BRG, and think your dark metallic green would look pretty good. Cheers - MarkT Type 79 Livery.pdf
  15. Hi Roland - Attached a screen grab from my Turbo Esprit / S3 service notes. I'm assuming S2 and S3 variants 'prior to 85' are the same? Hope this helps - MarkT