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  1. markt


    Sent you a PM - I'm in Birkdale, North Shore and have just the man to sort your Elan out, get it complied and registered.
  2. Got a lead on who can supply a replacement heater panel Andy? I drew these up years ago when I couldn't find a replacement, got one on my car, but needs doing properly to smarten things up a bit.
  3. I did - almost 12 years ago looking at the date created. Jeez where'd the time go
  4. Hi there Dirk - Only noticed just noticed your post. Shouldn't be too much of an issue as the car is Right Hand Drive. Where about's in New Zealand are you moving to? If Auckland, I can recommend shippers and people to get the car through the New Zealand registration process. Feel free to PM me with questions and I'll do my best to answer them -Or give you contact details of people who can.
  5. Very nicely done Chris Like your thinking with the shock absorbers too. Any idea why it's sitting lower (and better in my opinion)?
  6. markt

    Recommend Insurance companies

    Try Classic Cover Insurance - $300 ish a year for my Esprit
  7. markt

    The new Esprit is here

    I wish they'd just build the bloody thing already... That, and the SUV thingy they've been kicking around too - They'll sell thousands of 'em. That should make some money to revive the Esprit (and I can pick one up in 10 years time when they've come down in price enough where I might actually afford one )
  8. Thanks - Great info there @Gis Have got new pads on the way, but I see a Wilwood set-up being installed very soon.
  9. Interesting - Mine are missing too. Notice last time when up on the hoist. Thanks for the pic Will make a nice fibreglassing project when I have more downtime.
  10. That does look lovely If you're using an S4 manifold and turbo, what sort of exhaust are you using? I'm thinkIng ahead for when my original manifold goes.
  11. Great info there - sounds like a straight swap and everything's supplied. Thanks for sharing! Wouldn't mind more info on your master cylinder set-up. Do you have a pic and maybe a part/number of the Wilwood master cylinder? Cheers!
  12. Sound's like a Wilwood set-up will do the job nicely. I hadn't thought of the current brake pad compound to be honest. As you suggest @CarBuff that could be something to look at. Not sure what's on there now, but were supplied by JAE with everything else to sort the brakes at the time.
  13. Now that I'm actually driving and enjoying my Esprit again, am looking for current options and opinions on upgrading the current stock brake set-up. Have brand new disks, pads, rebuilt calipers, master cylinder and hoses on there at the moment, but not very inspiring, and I'm sure things have moved on since 1984. Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. I've used Lexan on side and bulkhead windows on GT40 and T70 replicas. I never had any issue with heat or distortion. Don't see why you couldn't use it in your case. Heaps of rally and race cars use the stuff. Mine where a bit more permanently fastened with self tappers and silicone though. Careful with polycarbonate 'Perspex' as that will scratch first time you wipe it to clean it and will really ruin your day.
  15. Sounds good Rich - Any excuse to put some k's on the car