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  1. Hi Richard - Congrats on the new purchase and welcome to TLF. Might see you on a run sometime if/when I get the Esprit or MR2 back on the road.
  2. I've thought that the Esprit would lend itself to a 'Singer' treatment for a while now. I liked the look of the fuel caps on the Singer Porsches, so have bought a set of S2 ones for my Turbo (just need them chrome dipped). I have a set of split rim Work Wheels similar in style to the original BBS ones on an MR2, and think they'd work well as a modern take on an Esprit. A bit more offset to fill out the arches would be a must though. My choice of materials and colour for my planned interior re-furb is heavily influenced by the Singer Porsches too. Now just need to find a big pile of cash somewhere and get it done. (Or more realistically, just get the carbs rebuilt sometime this year and drive the bloody thing)
  3. Making headway Bibs? Offer stands - Let me know if I can help out.
  4. Have you tried Lotus Marques in Vic? Seem to recall a member on here called Freemason got his linkages refurbed by them - there's a thread of his in the Esprit Restoration section. Worth a try as it's more local for you.
  5. +1 for black hammerite aerosol. Resprayed all the engine bay side panels and engine cover on mine. A bit too glossy compared to original, but the finish is a good match. Can post a pic if you want.
  6. All the best with getting this off the ground - pretty tough to crack, but thousands of members on here should get the numbers up. I do this for a living, pushing out a niche motoring mag every week. More than happy to lend a hand in a production, design, editorial or photographic capacity. Bibs - Feel free to PM me if I can be of help.
  7. Trim panels are looking good! Are you using the Furniture Clinic colour Kit? Thinking of using the same, but unfortunately they won't ship the aerosol cans for the airbrush over here. Might have to use a hobby air compressor to get around that. Keen to see how you get on with the rest of the interior. Haven't had the air intake panels off mine yet, so not much help there.
  8. My money's on a Pantera GTS - Happily make space for one of those in my fantasy garage
  9. Might be an air leak? - vacuum or a split hose might be the culprit. Just thrown a new lump into my MR2, and wouldn't idle. A bit of CRC spray found the problem.
  10. The one listed on SJ's website is solid too (which I'd prefer). Maybe the one in the pic I posted was cut out for access. There's one on eBay from our dear friends Douglas Valley Breakers, but it's damaged, off an S4' and the cut out is different again.
  11. Lovely looking car - I'd jump on it! (hmmm wonder what shipping would cost)
  12. Thanks - didn't think to check SJ's Have enquired about availability. It's one of those items that would be nice to have - know what you mean about constantly having to remove it
  13. Hi all - I'm looking for an engine undertray for my 84 Esprit Turbo. These seem to go missing over the years for some reason - mine's long gone. Can anyone help or know where I can get one? Looks like this: Thanks
  14. Welcome Nice car you've got there in the best colour too! What's the interior trim? Mines's an 84 BRG with gold tan interior.
  15. Quick look on an antipodes map, and Auckland could be a contender for furthest from point of origin Yes- parts do take a little while to get here.
  16. Would compliment my 84 turbo very nicely. Seems very tidy - is'nt this a bit on the cheap side? Keep going between a Tuscan and a V8 and this looks damn appealing
  17. Those mirrors are quite nice - where did you source them?
  18. Well done! Looking forward to that day myself.
  19. Looks like you've had a good few steps backwards, but things are definitely moving forward! Will be a nice car when you're done.
  20. Continuing the indoors theme, and a contrast to all those lovely Esprit's that are outside and being driven. At least it's back at home now and not out-of-sight, out-of-mind in a lock-up somewhere. A bit of work to do, but hope to be on the road this year.
  21. Good to hear Simon! I remember the original thread from way back... Hope recommissioning and getting back on the road doesn't take much
  22. Lotusfab posted a few pics on his restoration thread here... Will have to do mine too at some stage. Think I'll be leaving it to the bodywork guy to do though.
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