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  1. The Rookie - Clint Eastwood & Charlie Sheen. Line from that movie went something like it's criminal to paint a masterpiece like that such a vile colour.
  2. Yep - Have used it on a classic Mini Cooper and a mate has used it on a 57 split window VW bus. Great stuff to restore hard rubber bits.
  3. Count me in as one of the few with the car they first logged on with Okay, there was a five year gap in ownership, but buying it back and shipping it half way around the world must count for something right? Had to vote option one though. Absolutely no plans on ever selling, but the esprit is just one nice car of several I plan on owning. Hope to have a Tuscan keeping it company in the new year.
  4. Best to call Mike at Lotus Bits. Renowned for not answering emails, but a good source. I have a long list of bits that I need to order at some stage.
  5. Fine taste in motorcars there sir! Really regret missing out on a kit for sale on eBay a good few years ago. Aren't these only available as turnkey now?
  6. Had this 77 X1/9 as a daily drive for about 5 years... ...and been driving this for the past 6 - A 1990 MR2 turbo, the newest old car I've ever owned. Oh yeah - a 1977 1275 Mini Clubman which I still have for close on 15 years. She'll be getting restored soon as a thank you for loyal service Maybe not all classics, but in the spirit of the thread.
  7. You're quite correct. Seal did have numbers on it, a match was found for a few $'s, and everything's back together, ready for the drivetrain to go back in tomorrow. Making progress!
  8. Wondering if anyone knows what the specifications are for the oil pump auxiliary shaft front oil seal? Circled in red in image below. Got the part number - A907E6064H and can get a part easy enough from the usual UK suppliers, but that'll take a week to get here, so would like to source one locally. (Workshop's making a bit of progress, and don't want to help 'em up too much). I need to know the outer diameter, inner diameter and if it has a single or twin lip. Anyone ?
  9. Thanks for the link! Seller's been contacted. Didn't see that listing, and I was trawling eBay last night.
  10. Looks like a fairly common Momo steering wheel will do the trick. It's getting one with the triangular centre piece / crash pad that's proving to be the hard part. Any suggestions on where I might find one? Thanks for posting that image Roo - that's the exact wheel I want. Guessing those are rarer than rare things...
  11. I've been putting some thoughts together on giving my interior a much needed refresh, and have decided I really don't like the standard two spoke item fitted to my 84 Esprit Turbo. I really like the three spoke and sculpted crash pad of the wheel used on the Excel shown below. I was wondering if anyone knows any details about this particular wheel, if the bolt pattern is the same, or where I could find one and boss if required?
  12. You never know... Sold mine 6 years ago when I moved to New Zealand and regretted it. Bought it back late last year and shipped it to the other side of the world. Obviously very happy to get her back, and a keeper for life. Might even get to drive it again sometime, but that's another story...
  13. Feel your pain mate - Look, I've got a matching set of photos. I've taken the glass is half full approach - It's probably for the best. Both have plenty of things that have been uncovered and getting fixed, perfect time for a decent tidy up, and will confidently be able to enjoy the car again (eventually)! I've also got the take as long as you like to keep the bill down deal too. Keep us posted!
  14. markt

    Glove box

    I rebuilt my lid and glovebox years ago - here's a link Not a coplicated thing to fabricate, and still as good as new 6 years later
  15. Nice! I like that. I made the same thing for my cave out of a Lexus 1uz. Lotus lump would have been way cooler.
  16. Just to wrap up this thread - A big thank you to John & Pete at PNM Engineering. A waterpump and a few other bits on their way to me. Top class service and an excellent shipping rate too. One step closer to getting on the road!
  17. I remember that car when it was light blue. I really like how it turned out.
  18. Can't believe I've never seen this thread. Some incredible imagery Andrew!
  19. Fantastic pic! Nice car there Malcolm
  20. Thanks for the replies. Think first step will be getting the pump off and take it from there... For £70 to £100 for a rebuild kit fitted, it'll be worth my while shipping the unit over and then back here again with what I'll get stung locally! Usual suspects for the rebuild kits I assume?
  21. Hi all. As the title says, I'm looking for a Waterpump for my 1984 Turbo Esprit. I'm really not sure on the condition of the pump that's on there at the moment, (apart from the fact it's leaking) so not sure if a rebuild kit will do the job. Anyone know what my options are, and where I might be able to source a new unit? Thanks in advance - Mark (I've also put an ad in the wanted section)
  22. As the title says, I'm looking for a Waterpump for my 1984 Turbo Esprit. I'm really not sure on the condition of the pump that's on there at the moment, (apart from the fact it's leaking) so not sure if a rebuild kit will do the job. Anyone know of one for sale?
  23. 1984 Esprit Turbo SCC082910EHD11812 Metallic British Racing Green, with Gold Tan leather interior MarkT, Auckland, New Zealand
  24. Nicely done Lex. Hope to be in the same position as you in the next few months, driving the car to get cert & compliance done. I'm a distant neighbour over the ditch. Just been through getting new discs, pads and caliper overhaul kits all round, wheel bearings, radiator overhaul, the list goes on. Still need a Waterpump recon, cam belt and a bit of chassis repair off the top of my head... Good luck and hope you get to enjoy the car soon!
  25. Checked local directories for details Andy, but have lucked out. Thanks Bibs - I'll be contacting Mike for one
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