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  1. Nice! I have been similarly guilty in the past leaving mine to sit while life got in the way. Got as far as getting it up and running again, but currently resting for winter. Looking forward to moving when finished building and will finally have a decent space to tackle all those other jobs I've been meaning to do over the past 20+ years of ownership.

    Good luck and following with interest 👍

  2. Post up a photo of your control panel, but there should be a tiny flathead  screw on the side of the small round fan knob, unscrew and pull off.

    For the larger rotary dials for temperature, there's something similar on the sides which you need to press with a small jewellers  screw driver to release, then they should just pull off. Couple of screws behind where the knobs went attaches the graphics panel, and that's simple enough to remove.

    All in theory - mine where epoxied on by a PO at one stage, so first time I needed to get to the panel, I  had to use brute force and break 'em off. New graphics panel and knobs tidied that up quite nicely.

  3. 18 hours ago, internets said:

    @markt This is that car as of now!


    The full restoration thread can be seen here 

    Looking lovely :)  I read that thread on the weekend. The state of the frame :shock:  Absolutely shocking! Was beyond saving in my opinion - hope, sheer determination (and some serious welding skills) were the only things that brought that back. I'd have been looking at a replacement frame - no doubt about it. Thanks for that barnfinds link @williamtherebel Looked pretty good for the money, although would need full recommissioning. Reading the comments section, sounds like a dealer snapped it up to turn a profit. Can't be too many 7000 mile DMC's about, will be keeping an eye out.

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  4. Good info @internets Sounds like they rolled out quite a few prototypes, where the test drivers (I mean owners) where left to complete the development work. (Same would apply to a few other British sports car manufacturers at the time. Yes Lotus and TVR, I'm looking at you.) I'd imagine most of the bugs and build quality issues would be sorted on the surviving early cars by now. Too bad that ground effects kit was an option and no longer available, but not a deal breaker. I do love the sheer 80's ness of my Turbo's side skirts.

    Good to see @krytensmeghead got a few more links to suppliers to get parts. Tried to have a look at that link @williamtherebel but has been taken down allready. Thanks anyway, curious to see what $20k would get - I expect a bit of a project.

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  5. I prefer the hinged petrol filler flap version, so that would make it an early model? (Considering it only had a two year production run). Manual, black interior and side skirts would be my ideal spec, but a well sorted car is more important than anything else. It's taken me years, with life getting in the way etc... to get a rough Esprit up to a standard where I can enjoy it. Thanks for the suggestion of getting in touch with DMCMW - When I make some progress on this, I'll take you up on your offer and will clutter up your inbox. - Now watch me go buy a tatty grey interior auto needing restoration, blind off eBay :whistle:

  6. Thought there might have been a few knowledgable folk on here :) What a great response- Thnaks so much.

    I've been keeping an eye on US sales for a while, and would probably import from there when the time comes. Even though it would be left hand drive, it shouldn't be too much of an issue getting the car on the road over here. No dramas getting my Esprit complied and on the road last year. Will have another long chat with a mate in the trade before committing.

    Thanks @internets ,  @krytensmeghead and @Bazza 907 for the info  links. Have spent a leisurely Sunday on the UK owners website. A lot more technical info on there and indepth restoration threads than DMC talk (which I am a member). Used to waiting and paying hilarious prices for shipping parts for the Esprit from US and UK, so no surprises there. Parts availability is better than I thought.

    Restoration costs over here can get very expensive very quickly, so I'd be looking for something mechanically strong and cosmetically tidy and pay for a good''un upfront so I can enjoy it.

    Back to some research and man-maths :)

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  7. I''ve been looking quite seriously at a Delorean DMC12 for a while - and now that my son has started to develop an interest in what I'm tinkering with in the garage, is of the opinion that there's nothing's cooler than gulling doors. (and an easy pitch to the Mrs :) ) I never really had an appreciation for them until recently, and that's inspite of growing up near the factory in Dunmurry in the early 80's. Should be part of my cultural heritage! Further investigation shows that condition varies enormously, like the Esprit, they're inexpensive for what they are, have comedy build quality, but unlike the Esprit, have terrible handling and woeful performance.

    Parts and spares seem easy enough to get hold of from the states, and I'm sure performance issues (and ride height) can be addressed. And before anyone mentions it, no. The world has enough BTTF clones. 

    I have an ''84 Turbo that I have no intention of parting with, and looking to scratch an interesting but obtainable itch. I'm curious if there are any 80's Esprit owners on here who have any ownership experiences or thoughts on living with a Delorean they can share?


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