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  1. Mind. Blown. Absolutely brilliant to hear from @mch on the Esprit. I just happened to Google the reg earlier and saw the photos of it. I do remember they had to give the dashboard back as it was a prototype, which is now confirmed as correct. I’m not sure if it is still there but what a great story. Thanks for the reply! This is the only photo I took of CCL when I was there.
  2. oh right I think it's the original number plate, as Lotus have only used it at their test centre. I havent seen the car for a few months so I wouldn't be able to get the chassis number again. I'm actually a bit gutted now!
  3. I would do if I could still get to see it sorry mate.
  4. Hey Bibs, did you manage to find out anything? Bazza - that colour really does suit it well, it's just a shame it's wasted on this Esprit...
  5. Thanks mate would be interesting to find out more about it!
  6. Yeah it was first registered with Lotus UK and was used as a development car.
  7. Hey guys, When I was studying mechanics at college, we had a number of cars we used to work on that were owned by the college for training purposes. There was also an Esprit there sans engine and gearbox there that I was told Lotus developed the instrument pack on this particular car and then was donated to the college minus the mechanicals. It was then hung sideways on a wall in one of the classrooms where it has stayed ever since (20+ years) The registration is C875 CCL. Just seeing if it rings a bell with anyone on here and if they have photos of the Esprit in testing? I managed to get a snap of it before I left.
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