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  1. Hippo

    Where is everyone?

    Get your motor out's too good to be sat about.
  2. Hippo

    Where is everyone?

    Usually Bibs yes...but it hasn't stopped raining for three days! At least I know what an escarpment is now! Andy A, it's the original one, no protection whatsoever...I got caught out a couple of weeks ago in a really heavy was like sitting in the bath!
  3. Hippo

    Where is everyone?

    I'm still here...still got the Exige, and I bought a KTM X-Bow last I allowed to say that?!
  4. Ok great. Orange cars are the best!! Anyway this prom run is all sorted now.
  5. No problem Erik. Enjoy your trip. Nice motor...where are you based in North Devon?
  6. Hi guys, I need a massive favour from the south-west branch A friend of mine needs 3 Lotus cars to take her son and two of his mates to their school prom on the 6th July. I was going to come down in the Exige as it's his favourite car but due to medical reasons/DVLA it's now not possible. Ideally we'd need one Exige and 2 others but any models would be great!! The pick-up point at 7pm is: 11 Greatfield Road, Plymouth, Devon, PL3 6QQ and they are going to Boringdon golf club, Plymouth! I'd be eternally grateful for any help with this. Thank you in advance. Hippo ?
  7. Hey DJW, great looking X-Bow you have there! Yeah that's the fella...or Kev as I like to call him! ? its quite quiet on that forum...I had one or two technical questions that I was going to ask...?
  8. Finally got the pics through...
  9. There's a speed limit on the motorway? I'll post up some pics when I get them from my sister...
  10. Huge thanks to Martin and Mark for tonight, the lads really enjoyed the cars...and arriving in style!! My sister and I really appreciate the effort you both put in for this one...great job!
  11. Great news...thanks for the effort you've put into this guys, I know it's a bit of a pain
  12. Yeah...are you familiar with that kind of thing?
  13. Appreciate your efforts Martin Mark, do you think you'll be able to make this...? One of the Exige guys has just pulled out due to work commitments and I can feel the panic coming on!
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