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  1. Hi, He came to view car told me how nice it was and how it was as i described it......that was the last i heard from him . (hope he is ok) Any way looks like the car might be going to a new home in Scotland. Cheers to all Andrew
  2. daytona

    V8 Or not

    Hi, have been all excited about getting a 1999 V8 Esprit with under 30k a real minter.Thats why i have put my NA up for sale .Cant have two ,well i can but wife says i can't. My NA is great ,wife finds it a little heavy on steering,thats why i thought of a V8 which has power steering (Well thats what i told her) So over the weekend i go to see the car again with cheque book in hand. (Car in North Devon,holiday home where the owner keeps the car) Owner jumps in to take car out of garage ,turns the key .....starts engine ...then nasty sound ....think timing belt slipped. owners says "Oh dear" I say a few rude words and put my cheque book back in my pocket. I am sure there are some great V8's and there owners love them. But i dont think i want a V8 now. Think it would be cheaper to swap the wife in. or just dont let her drive the NA. Cheers Andrew
  3. Hi Mark, that is my car !!! I got it from a chap in Exeter who bought it from Paul Matty about two years ago. So it is a rare colour. Thanks Andrew
  4. Hello all, my name is Andrew . I live in kingsbridge South Devon. New to Lotus Esprit Forum but not to Lotus ,had a Excel before i got my 89 Esprit NA . Only had her a few months, i can't stop driving her, always taking the long way home. She is in great condition In Champagne Gold ,which i have not seen on a Lotus before. A great driving car and great to look at. Got to go ....Have the urge to go for a drive .....Andrew PS. This is a top Lotus site
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