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  1. Evening all, this car, along with a similar car but a 97 have both appeared in this areas auto trader. The owner declared that it was recorded (c or d) in the article. Stuart
  2. Good evening Owen, love the name of the site and the shots of the car well done Stuart
  3. Thank you Scott some useful kit on here, wonder if they sell 8 tracks? thanks Stuart
  4. Good evening Iain, the site is user friendly and looks attractive to younger learners. I will get my two youngest to have a look as they are learning at the present (so they tell me I believe that this is not the truth as one was holding it upside down). I also like the idea of learing well known songs. If they have any pointers I will let you know all the best Stuart
  5. lotus777


    Hi Matt it seems like you and the car were destined for each other. Happy (and safe motoring) all the best Stuart
  6. lotus777


    Hello Matt and welcome, I am new my self to LEF. I m looking for an Esprit myself at the present. You have been quick off the mark to find yours. All the best with your project Stuart
  7. Howard what a great offer I will probably take you up on that. Will the guide dog be ok in the footwell thanks Stuart
  8. Hello Russ there is a real appeal to me for the V8 the mind boggles at the thought of that engine pushing that car. Add to that the sound. Dear me choice can be a curse! It could drive me to MGB ownership. Thank you for fueling the fire and the passion Russ all the best Stuart
  9. Hello Alex a great thread. Are you the only area group or are there others? The GT3 certainly appears to have a strong support group (oh decisions decisions). Thanks Alex lets hope I can make one of your meets when I get sorted all the best Stuart this is so true they should all be black and one model thanks Rog Stuart
  10. Hello Anthony you are not the first to suggest the GT3 so I will certainly have a look and read up on them further. I hear what you are saying about the V8's. Thanks for taking the time all the best Stuart Hello Simon I do like the look of the 'G' and this is the one I nearly bought before buying the house. It was red with gold decalls. I suppose my only concern would be the age. I know there all of an age but the later the model, particularly for every day use the better I would have thought or is that not the case. I must say they do look like the school boy 'bully' and yes they are a 'sight' in your rear view mirror thanks Stuart Hello Stuart thank you for this I think JCT are still in Bradford. For me local is a number 6 bus ride away but I do appreciate that with a car like this, to ensure its looked after properly it will mean traveling but thats no problem as I work shifts and get big blocks of days off. thanks for taking the time Stuart
  11. not when the house looks like this Thank you Talon. I am in no rush and will ensure it has full s/h and will have it inspected by a specialist. Hows the V8 I would not rule one out but it may be a little bit to exotic for a man who rides 'stoker on a tandem' all the best Stuart Hello Bibs it must have been the only one in Hull as I have seen no others. When I had the Europa's there was a service agent called Victoria speed. I remember the owner was called 'Roy' if I remember correctly. During the 90's we had a showroom on Calvert lane take on a Lotus agency but it lasted for less than a year. I think I need to get to some gatherings and check these models out thanks for the tips all the best Stuart Hello Mark thank you for the pointers. I intend have a good look around and will ensure it has fsh and have a full inspection carried out by a specialist. thanks Stuart
  12. Hello to you all. My name is Stuart and I am based in Hessle just out side Hull. My love affair with Lotus goes back to the early 60's. I bought my first Lotus in the early 70's a Europa S2 I then progressed to a TC. It had been my intention to but a TC Special but it never happened. My next brush with fate came close in 1984 when I almost signed on the dotted line for an Esprit Turbo. To my dis belief I bought a house instead. If only LEW had been available some one could have shown me the error of my ways. I am now at another point in my life when I would like a Lotus again. I had thought of an Elise or an Exige but then a couple of weeks ago I saw a white Esprit and I have decided that this is the machine for me. I have been in Club Lotus for years but decided to source a pool of information and enthusiasts that will (I hope) help me in my quest to purchase the right car. Early indicators point me in the direction of an S4s. I want a an Esprit to use every day (apart from work) There is no Lotus dealer or specialists in this area that I am aware of. I would like to hear from you all and your experiences of ownership and any pointers into which model. I would also appreciate any information on Lotus specialists and other members in the area. Are there area meetings. many thanks for takeing the time to read. I am still finding my way around so this may end up in cars for sale all the best Stuart
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