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  1. Hi Justin, Lotus Ltd would never intentionally scare a spectator away from a LOG Concours:) Visitors are always welcome! When you get there, please ask for the President of the club. I'd love to meet you. As Jeff kindly pointed out, running a LOG is a very expensive undertaking, therefore our receptions, tech sessions and banquet events are open to paid attendees only. So why don't you register for LOG and join in on the fun? No need to bring your Lotus. You'll have plenty of things to do. Go to to read about LOG32. Hey, if you register, you can bring your everyday driver to Sebring on Monday, for a lunch time touring session during our even more fun, HPDE. Shoot an email to [email protected] if you have any questions. Eric
  2. Lotus Ltd has made it easier to sign up for the HPDE (Track Day) at Sebring, October 29th. Paypal has been added as a payment option on Lotus Ltd's website at The Tech Inspection form as well as the rules and regs are also located in the same area.
  3. There will be an Art Contest at LOG 32! Classes include: Photo small<5x7 large>5X7 Model small<1/18 large>1/18 Art&Crafts-to include paintings, needle point, etc We appreciate the effort it takes to commit the time off in your schedule to attend LOG, not to mention spending your hard earned cash! To show our appreciation we're happy to offer awards for the "best of the best" in the following catagories: Various Art Contests (see previous post) Popular Vote Concours Best Of Show Vic's Award Judged Concours Autocross Long Distance Travelled (straight line distance) and the ever dreaded Hard Luck Award. Your Hard Luck story must be submitted in writing!) If you don't bring a Lotus you should write a short story explaining why. While you won't receive an award for the best excuse, you will become famous:) For LOG 32 we are happy to announce our two very famous guest speakers: Vic Elford & Derek Bell! Mr Elford will speak on Saturday and Mr Bell Sunday
  4. Hi Groucho, We'd prefer you bring your Elan for it's 50th anniversary but your Subaru is welcome to the HPDE! Yes, it's an all day event and its an awesome track. A true once in a lifetime opportunity. Make sure you sign up early! It will fill up fast. Eric Nordstrom President-Lotus Ltd
  5. STALLS 2012 Isle of Merimac TT will be July 21st. We'll meet at the QT gas station on 109 just south of 44. Expect a spirited 2 hr drive with high speed sweepers and rolling hills. There will be a pitstop near the midpoint:) Showtime is 9 am! If you are going to be a little late, please call drive captain Steve at 314-409-3281
  6. Pre-Sale tickets are now on sale for the US F1 Grand Prix in Austin. Open tickets sales will begin on June 10th. Quite a few Lotus Ltd members have purchased tickets for seating in the Turn5 grandstands. If you have purchased tickets or plan to, let everyone know where your sitting. Maybe we'll have a big Lotus group at Turn5! Hotel rooms are now next to impossible to find. Be sure to let everyone know if you find available rooms.
  7. Thanks J. ! Which Lotus Ltd chapter do you hang out with in sunny Florida? Did you sign up for LOG32 in Orlando? You won't want to miss it Eric President-Lotus Ltd
  8. John, That's awesome! Let us know if you have any questions about attending LOG. You're in for a real treat this October! Did you sign up for the HPDE at Sebring? Looks like your car is ready for it Eric President-Lotus Ltd
  9. Great news regarding a very special car at LOG 32! Stand by for the full announcement.
  10. Contact Steve Brightman Dallas, TX (214)680-6088 [email protected]
  11. Contact Russell Musta Canonsburg, PA (412)491-9361 [email protected] Please visit our website:
  12. Contact Rod Wiggins Brea, OH (216)496-1452 [email protected]
  13. Contact Sean Lethbridge Las Vegas, NV (702)375-1177 [email protected]
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