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  1. Hi, It is a twin plate clutch, both the plates and the friction material were refurbished. Current wisdom is suggesting that the locator arms with the SS covers are sticking to the plate, probably due to dust build up, the plan is to machine a little off the sections on the plates that contact these. The pedal setup was checked as per spec so reasonably sure this wasn't the problem. The Lotus agent in NZ provided the specs for the refurbishment so hopefully this info was correct. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a recurring clutch problem with my 200 V8, the problem manifests itself intially with a little tightness in the gear selection, then to difficulty in selecting 1st & 2nd and a grunch into reverse, this occurs only after the car is at running temperature. It then progressed to difficulty in all gears but again only when hot. When it first occured I had the clutch removed and rebuilt, it was quite warn with head marks on the plates. All was perfect for about 2000km when the problem has now returned with all the same simptoms and buildup, the clutch has been removed again and everything seems pretty much ok, at least nothing particularly obvious other than a few light head marks (machining marks still visable from refurbish), clutch dust was evident but I suppose this is to be expected. The first time out the gearbox was split and selectors and gears were inspected and everything was in top order. I wonder if there isn't some kind of sticking of one of the plates after a bit of dust build up, or some other tolerance problem that needs attention hence "sticky when hot". Peddle feels fine and no amount of pumping of the clutch makes any difference. Has anyone struck this problem before? Thanks
  3. Question to Dave, does joining Club Esprit provide access to Owners Manual PDF's as well as the Parts list and technical servie manuals?
  4. I should also mention that I have had starting difficulty when the car is hot as well, the coils are new and fuel pressure has been tested. Anyone else experienced this? Is it just temperature related?
  5. Thanks, I was wondering if this might be the answer. Might try hosing out the fins with water rather than air aswell Running the heater helps, drops the temp 5-10oC, fans are coming on at about 105 which I think is normal. Will test with AC on today, thanks
  6. I have had some over heating problems with a 2000 V8, the initial problem seemed to be thermostat related and subsequently an airlock, the system now has a new thermostat and has been well bleed both through the radiator and the thermostat housing bleed points, plus pressure cap replaced. The car runs up to temp and drops again as the thermostat opens, does this several times and then proceeds up to between 97-105oC occassionally 110 under pressure which seems high to me but then I can't seem to find a definative running temp in either the workshop or operating manual. I have blown out the radiator fins and given it a good flush, the water was in good condition no residue or oil etc. Also no water in the oil. Can anyone advise if this operating temp is either OK or too high (ambient air temp is between 21-25oC). I am running about 3ltrs of antifreeze/coolant stabilsedr in the system. Any comments welcome, and if too high any suggestions as to what to check next. Thanks
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