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  1. SCC082918VHF15268 Lotus Esprit V8 - 1997 Jean - Montpellier (south of France)
  2. Thank you "Okspeedsix", but I haven't found a same key on this web site. It is said than only keys before 1990 should be found. I'll try to the Opel dealer of my town.
  3. That's interessant. I'll go to an Open dealer with my key, to ask to the seller. Thank you.
  4. Hi there, As I only have one start/ignition key, I want to have a second one. So I need to make me make a double of key. The "key maker" need to have a blank key, to produce a double from the one I have. Is there somebody with an idea of the best place to buy this kind of blank key? (I'm in France) Thank you.
  5. Ok, I'll try and I'll let you konw. Thank you.
  6. Nice proposition !! My concern is not the re-varnish operation (as I have an uncle who is a "retirement carpenter"), but the disassemblage of the dash...
  7. Thank you. So, I've found the point for re-gassing, it's OK. But, I've noticed, during the re-gassing of another of my car (a fantastic and fast... Renault Twingo), than the guy has re-gassed with refigreant liquid on a specific point and re-filled another specifique point with a lubrican I think ? Any info about that ? Perhaps of the Esprit, only simple re-gassing of refrigerant liquid withis necesseray ?
  8. Hi there, The varnish of my "walnut finish" dashbord is "faded" and "dull" (please excuse my poor english vocabulary). Just have a look at the picture below, and at the color difference between dashbord and wood on left door... ! 1. is it real wood below the varnish ? 2. it is possible to revarnish or make revarnish it ? Thank you B)
  9. Well, I think I've understood than location of AC re-gassing points is under the car, near engine bay, but is it possible to know exactely where are theses specifiques points ? Any picture available ? Thank you.
  10. Than you Peter. I think this car was never re-gassing during it's life... I'm the second owner, since several weeks and the precedent owner never re-gas it. So it seems after 10 years, it needs re-gassing !
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