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  1. The show is pretty dam terrible compared to the original. But compared to the majority of the cr*p shown on TV here, it's absolutely fantastic. (I would add that it's got slightyl less terrible with each episode so there's hope)
  2. JPL76

    Blue Turbo Esprit

    More beared and tubby than moustached and skinny I'm afraid. I'd love to know who's it was. It looked like it had just rolloed out of the show room. It was heading in the direction of the Lotus specialist in Honley. Is it Chris Foulds or something?
  3. JPL76

    Blue Turbo Esprit

    No leg warmers but I do run wearing a towling head band. I would be more than happy to do the same for any Esprit driver.
  4. A beautiful beautiful dark blue Turbo Esprit (I'm pretty sure) drove past me as I was out running. If it was you, I was the Fame throwback grinning like an idiot at the side of the road giving a double thumbs up.
  5. Thanks for that. However whenever I try to go to I get the google toolbar message saying link broken. Very frustrating.
  6. Appears to be a bit of an enigma. Does anyone have any info or links to articles about him. Where did he come from, where did he disappear to, is he still alive, were his dealings legit, etc, etc. He seems to be a very interesting character but the internet is pretty devoid of information concerning him. The only bits I've found have been mentions on various motorsport forums which were more people asking the above questions than answering any of them. Any help would be ver much appreciated. Cheers
  7. I've just sent off my form this morning to attend a driver safety awareness course. I was done doing 36 in a 30 zone. On a housing estate or by a school I could understand, but this was on a main road late at night. Funny thing was, the copper kept telling me how lucky I was that I'd got a 'decent copper' who was going to give me the choice of the course instead of getting points. To my mind, a decent copper would have ticked me off and sent me on my way. There are idiots on that road (I live on it) who use it as a drag strip and fly up and down at 60+. They never seem to get nicked though
  8. On last nights they did up a BMW 635csi. They made a big deal about fitting a strut brace. Now I haven't checked on youtube yet, but I could swear when he went to look at it in the beginning there was already one fitted which later appeared to have been removed. I might be wrong.
  9. Just caught this thread. I hope all goes well Mr K and a speedy recovery.
  10. JPL76

    Free Fuel

    On the assumption that there are roughly four and a half litres (we buy by the litre) in a gallon (I'll be honest and say that I don't know what the difference between a US and an Imperial gallon is so this is based on the gallon we use in the UK), and petrol has just dropped to around
  11. I have the black and white one which is just a load of photocopies from magazines. Was so excited when I bought it, when it arrived I could have cried. Put me off e-bay for life.
  12. Thanks TV. I might just take you up on that. We're just about to start the visa process. Its very confusing!!
  13. Good to see so many fellow Esprit fans in Texas as I'm moving there all being well early next year. Probably around the Midlothian/Waxahachie area.
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