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  1. Can anyone advise what type of Hylomar I must use for the piston liner?
  2. I have an opportunity to purchase 4 BBS RK wheels 18" x 8J from a BMW. Can I fit 18" wheels on the front of a 1987 Turbo Esprit (Guigiaro). I know I will need spacers for the rear and hub adaptors for both front and rear. Thanks
  3. Will there be a caption at the start and end? If that is the case how about something like "Lotus and Others The Mike Kimberley Years" or "Lotus. XX Years of Mike Kimberley" "Mike Kimberley. The Man and the Cars"
  4. Bought the 87 in '97. I'm pushing 62 so there you go. At the moment the car is performing like an old fart.
  5. My 87 Turbo HCI has developed misfiring in the last 2 weeks. On start up it is fine when it gets a little warm it begins to misfire. If I accelerate it will pick up and misfire every so often. If I sit a a light for a minute it is running on 3 cylinders when I move from the stop. I can get it to fire on all 4 if I keep pushing the accelerator. Its at the point where I don't want to drive it. Any ideas or questions?
  6. My "G" 1987 has aircon but I try not to use it. The engine runs hotter, it saps hp and if you're sitting in traffic the engine temp goes really high. I don't know if that is just my car or if it is common on the Esprit
  7. Is there such a thing as a diesel Esprit??
  8. I'm in Ontario or doesn't that count as being in Canada. Nudge, nudge!!
  9. I've got a 1971 Elan SE, weber carbs, drop head coupe unfortunately it's not the Sprint. I don't drive it much at all now. The Esprit has taken over. Which would you rather drive?
  10. I would imagine some owners would like Heath Robinson!! Don't get me wrong I am more than happy with mine.
  11. Say goodbye to Hummer and Saturn. G.M are not going to produce these anymore it has been announced
  12. Barrat - Jackson auctioned one on TV this week 1989 Esprit Red I think it went for $7600 USD. The car had been resprayed. If anyone in the US saw it, please correct me if I am wrong
  13. If they are allowed to go to the wall the fallout in Ontario alone is the loss of 500,000 jobs over the next 2 - 3 years. The trouble is it affects everything from the retail sector to housing and so on. What a bloody mess!!
  14. North American Fords are not anywhere as good as their European cousins. The Escort here was crap, the Contour ( Mondeo) was a little better but stupid things used to go wrong, as for the bigger models, the 500, Taurus, Explorer, and such, they are poor. I had a Fiesta here back in the 80s, 1600cc engine made in UK. The thing was great, just the body couldn't stand the salt and the long winters. I wish there were more of the small diesel engined cars here, I'm suprised Ford have not had some on the road here.
  15. (From the article about the failure) The three word were from the unions chiefs NO PAY CUTS!! They interviewed a worker from GM in Oshawa (Canada) the quote was "We've already given up enough". All I can say is they deserve to be out of work with comments like that, but I feel sorry for the non unionised supply chain workers who will also suffer, because of the pig headed union members.
  16. Porche has announced that they will not be exhibiting at the 2009 Toronto Motor Show. They cited something like they want to concentrate on specific customers and not the "run of the mill guy on the street"
  17. As long as the "Big 3" pay their unskilled workers an outrageous wage plus all the trinkets that are added on they are doomed. Years ago they said if you got into the automotive manufacturing factory you had a job for life even if you are sweeping the floor. That may have been true for those that are about to retire and live on the fat pension that has cost numerous people their jobs now. The unions held the companies to ransom in their negotiations for job security,wages and conditions which, the companies had no option but to oblige. Get rid of Buick,Pontiac, Saturn, Chevrolet, and keep one
  18. How do you post a picture on here. It shows as 918K of 1000k used before I upload anything or type anything!! I already reduced my picture to 25%
  19. Unfortunately it doesn't end with Chapter 11. Don't they have an obligation to pay all the retired employees the pension that was gained whilst employed by the "Big 3". I don't want them bailing out the Auto industry using my tax dollars with no guarantee of repayment in my lifetime. Who will bail out me if my employer goes t*ts up. They should let them fail, get rid of the unions and pay a realistic wage, none of this $30/ hour to sweep up.
  20. 22 degrees F. Blame the cold and snow on the Canadians, we don't mind sharing it. Send some of that Southern heat back up here to thaw out our jinglies, although it hasn't been too bad here in Toronto
  21. Maybe you should have bought one of these instead
  22. If it's a Turbo check you are not pulling air in the intake from the Turbo. The rubber hose moved on mine and the car cut out.
  23. I remove mine when weather permits but, I always wear a hat. It's the easiest way to get sunstroke if not
  24. I always thought clothes pegs were for interior mirrors that vibrated??
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