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  2. No, I am referring to where the air empties out into the engine bay that was brought in by the 'ears'. They are trim that covers the wire mesh. Rich
  3. Hi, Anyone know where I can get 2 new ABS air inlets on each wing in the engine bay? Thanks, Rich Flowers '79 JPS #040 '95 S4s ...SHF63000
  4. Kind of crazy, but ... Too bad our engine bay release isn't similar to the front boot mechanism so that when stuck in traffic we could unlock it and then re-lock it when we're underway. Rich
  5. On my Federal S2, a DPO replaced the heater chassis pipes with plastic plumbing tubing.
  6. Dumbest poll responses I ever saw ... 1st time,1971 Europa - because of its looks, did not know what a Lotus was 2nd time, 1974 Europa - because it was a Lotus 3rd time 1979 Esprit JPS - because it was a Lotus 4th time 1995 Esprit S4s - because it was a Lotus Rich
  7. In Thunderball, if I remember correctly, one can see the redheaded woman's underwear in the mirror when she is only supposed to be wrapped in a towel.
  8. Jim, Can you give specifics on the replacement A/C condenser you used? Thanks, Rich Flowers 95 S4s ...SHF63000 79 S2 JPS#040
  9. Great ... Would this do? stalk Thanks, Rich
  10. Thanks, Rich. Are they comparable to what's in our cars? They look similar in design. Rich
  11. Hi, I have already added the electronic cruise on my S4s a few years back per Jim Knowles instructions but would like to replace the after-market stalk with the one pictured early in this thread. Anyone know how someone from the old USA can find one? Thanks, Rich P.S. Now if I could find a hideaway for my cupholder I'd be set ...
  12. All Federal S4s' have a VIN number ending with SHF63xxx where xxx is 000 or higher. Mine ends with SHF63000, the 1st S4s built. That might be an S4 but not a S4s. See Rich
  13. I was told that my 1971 Federal spec Europa had it front wishbones flipped to get into the USA and later flipped again to lower the car once sold. Rich
  14. Because it's the Cadillac of Lotus...
  15. A sad day for the community at large ... good luck Mr. Kimberly
  16. As far as when factory A/C was 1st available, I can say that it came on my 1979 JPS.Federal car. Rich '79 JPS #040 '95 S4s ...SHF63000
  17. Hi, Don't know if this helps or not but I heard that the new Ford GT uses a small portion of the A/C circuit to chill the intake air. So it made me think... Wonder if a section of aluminum a/c pipe could be coiled and then re-routed through the intake chamber to cool the air. Sort of a air chiller. Or, could the a/c be forced on via a kickdown switch on the gas pedal at full throttle to cool the intake air somehow. Obviously it would have to give more power then it draws. Rich
  18. The yellow one is TOO busy.
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