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  1. Hi,

    I have already added the electronic cruise on my S4s a few years back per Jim Knowles instructions but would like to replace the after-market stalk with the one pictured early in this thread. Anyone know how someone from the old USA can find one?



    P.S. Now if I could find a hideaway for my cupholder I'd be set ... :devil:

  2. Hi,

    Don't know if this helps or not but I heard that the new Ford GT uses a small portion of the A/C circuit to chill the intake air. So it made me think...

    Wonder if a section of aluminum a/c pipe could be coiled and then re-routed through the intake chamber to cool the air. Sort of a air chiller.

    Or, could the a/c be forced on via a kickdown switch on the gas pedal at full throttle to cool the intake air somehow. Obviously it would have to give more power then it draws.


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